Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm nominated for an award!

Hey style choicers! I've been nominated for an award by Silver Sparkle Beauty, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

1. Link back to whoever nominated you.
2. Write 9 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 9 bloggers.
4. Let everyone know when you nominate them. (Leave a comment on their blog, email them, etc.)
5. Make up 9 questions for them to answer.
6. Answer the questions that have been given to you.

9 random facts:
1. My names Kaeli
2. I have a westie called Bonnie
3. My favourite colour is coral pink
4. My nails are currently pained pale pink
5. I went to a baby shower today
6. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and a lot of my family live there, but I live in England
7. If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go to Greece... once the economy improves
8. My boyfriend's name is Tom, he's amazing ☺
9. I'm on the hunt for a new theatre company at the moment

1. Nikki Phillippi
2. Fleur De Force
3. Bay's Style Diary
4. CamiGMakeup4U2C
5. Soup For Every Girl's Soul
6. The Chriselle Factor
7. kandeej
8. Elle and Blair
9. And you! Anybody reading this, feel free to answer these questions on your blog! ♥

Nominees questions to answer:
1. Do you have any pets?
2. What got you in to blogging?
3. Whats your favourite summer makeup or fashion trend for the summer?
4. Other than beauty/fashion, what are your hobbies?
5. Can you sing? Be honest ;-)
6. What are your must have shoes for the summer?
7. Whats your favourie summer scent?
8. Who's your favourite singer?
9. Whats your favourite musical?

My questions to answer:

1. What song if your current favourite?
I'm currently OBSESSED with Princess of China - Coldplay and Rihanna

2. Do you buy clothing/jewellery/makeup online or in store more often?
I tend to buy things in store more often. I like to see if things look as nice in person, but I do alot of browsing online for ideas.

3. Do you have/need glasses or contacts?
Yep, I have glasses but I don't need them all the time

4. What is your favourite vacation you've ever been on?
I loved going to Florida, but I also really liked Spain

5. No matter how much you try to change up the colour, what colour is on your nails the most?
I'm obsessed with Barry M's Berry Ice Cream

6. What are you listening to right now?
Wherever you will go - The Calling

7. Favourite app?
Brand Detective. It's addictive.

8. Drugstore makeup or high end?
Drugstore, it's still good quality! ☺

9. Do you have any fun summer plans youre looking forward too?
It's my birthday soon, so I'm going out to dinner with my friends. I'm also visiting a theme park sometime soon, and I'm visiting New Jersey for a few weeks.

Thanks for reading! ☺




  1. Thanks for tagging me! I answered the questions and did the post come check it out if you want!


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