Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas party :D

Christmas Gift Guide: For Family (Male)

Hey Style Choicers! I've got my second gift guide today, and this one is for family. In this blog post I'll be giving you ideas for what to give you're dad/brother and mom/sister. A lot of the time, it can be super super hard to know what to get youre family, because it's hard to know how much to spend and it's hard to think that you want to get them something nice, but that you know they'll use aswell. I love picking out gifts for my family because I love to be creative and do something they'd never expect. If you want to read how I pick the presents I want to get for people and some tips on deciding, take a look at my Christmas Gift Guide: For Friends blog post. I've explained in detail how to ensure that what you get people means a lot to them and will make them happy while staying in budget.

What to get your dad or brother (Or any male family member):
Sometimes, it can get really difficult for a girl to pick out what their dad or brother might want, and I've always had the same issue when buying for my dad. There are large variations on what kind of things he might like, but I'm hoping that you find at least one of these three things helpful. I've gone for three completely different things, so I'm hoping that they're cover different types of people. If not, some of my present ideas for friends could double up as an idea for a male family member.

  • A video game kit
Most men like video games (Some girls like them as well, but I've got to say, most guys I know are obsessed with them) and I bet your brother (or maybe dad/cousin/any family member) would love it if you put together a little kit of 1-4 video games with some yummy candy and a game controller. You can make lots of variations, but just put together a bunch of video game related little goodies and put them in a little box. I can't even begin to imagine a gamer's face when they open a present like that.

  • A sport hamper
 Another stereotype... sorry haha. Most boys love sports, and a lot would LOVE it if you put together some sporty things for a sport and team that they love. This could include a calender, a poster, a hat, a t-shirt, or any other sports team merchandise. Make sure you only theme the present around one team, otherwise it seems like you just threw together a bunch of random sporty things and put it all in a box and wrap it in a big bow.

  • A few good books
Everyone loves books... well.... most people. It would be a great present for a book worm if you got them a couple books that they'd really like. You could also add a few other little things like a relaxing CD or something. This is the kind of present for someone who loves to relax with a good book in the evenings.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I'll try to put up the female version ASAP!

Thanks for reading! ☺