Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Celebrity spotter: Emma Roberts in... Asos?!

 Hi style choicers! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, I literally wasn't home for more than 30 minutes all day! I'm trying a new segment called Celebrity Spotter, where I find pictures of celebrities and post my comments on their outfit, and then show you how to remake it yourself! Tell me what you think!

We found pictures of Emma Roberts wearing Asos and looking stunning!
She looks so cute and yet casual! It proves you don't need to spend £1000! Infact, this blouse she's wearing is on sale for £22.50 at the moment! (Although it's almost out of stock, sorry guys!)

Remaking this outfit:
Printed blouse-
£12 from boohoo.com (Only available in UK and Australia)
£35 from asos.com
Skinny jeans-
£20 from asos.com (By A| Wear)
Lace-up boots-
£30.60 from spartoo.co.uk (by Moony Mood)

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Quick Tip: Staying warm and looking cool

 I know some of my readers love the quick tips, so I decided to give you a couple quick tips on keeping warm! (Sorry about the cheesy title guys haha)

 Cosy tosies:
You know when you really want to keep your feet warm, and normal socks just aren't enough? Here's a simple and easy tip: Just wear slipper socks under your boots when you leave the house! Your toes will be nice and warm all day!
The socks shown above are £6 from www.sockshop.co.uk

Handmade and handy (Literally):
Here's an easy and cheap (Or even free!) way of making yourself a pair of arm warmers. Arm warmers are really cute, but sometimes, they can cost more than they're worth! To make your own, just take an old pair of socks.  Reverse the sock so that it's inside out, and then put in on your hand. Take a pen or pencil, and draw 2 lines. One right above your knuckles of your 4 fingers, and then the other right above the knuckle of your thumb. Now take the glove off your hand, and cut across the lines. Repeat with the other sock. Now you'll notice that the armwarmer fits on your hand perfectly, but there's still a lump for the ankle, so just cut across right above the ankle part. And there you have your very own arm warmer (Which is more like just a hand warmer but oh well, it's free this way haha.) If you've used a plain sock in any colour, you can use anything to decorate the back of it, whether you sew on studs, gems, lace, beads, or you could just use fabric pens to draw on them!
Pictured above are black palm warmers by Alice Hannah.

Haute Hot Chocolate:
It's always nice to be carring around a nice hot drink on a cold morning, but instead of having to go to a cafe, just make one yourself and put it in an adorable thermal mug!  You could also get a plain thermal mug, but then make yourself a little mug sock to go over the bottom, just so that your mug has a little decoration customised by you!
To make yourself a thermal mug sock, first, measure around your mug using a clothing tape measure and note down the perimeter. Then, take some fabric from any old tshirts that you down want anymore or tops, or whatever fabric you don't need. Next, draw the shape for the mug sock. You want it to be as long as the perimeter and as wide so that it reaches up to the handle on your mug but doesn't get in the way. Now, you can sew in beads, studs, ribbon, lace, whatever you want (You could even make it to match your arm warmers!) Now sew the ends together, slip it on your thermal mug, and enjoy a nice warm drink on the walk to work!
I found the thermal mug above on amazon.co.uk

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ways to wear: Spring trends and stay warm!

The spring trends this year are absalutely gorgeous! From chiffon, lace, bright colours and (as always) floral print, you're bound to love your wardrobe for the spring-time! I know sometimes you buy a little spring dress or an adorable playsuit, or even some adorable ballet flats for the spring, but you feel like it's hard to wear these spring trends because it's still bitter cold outside! Living in England, I know I have issues with this! I'm going to give you tips on how you can wear these spring trends, and still stay warm!

Asymmetric skirts-
These are absalutely gorgeous! They're really in style at the moment, and I assure you, every single girl looks beautiful in one of these! The tricky thing is, they can be pretty hard to style, because you don't want to pair your skirt with statement tights (Takes away the emphasis from the asymmetric back) and you can't really pair your skirt with a big padded jacket, but there are ways!

First, add some simple skin coloured tights. These are so useful! You can look like you have bare legs without the cold air on your legs!
Next, add a tank top in a colour that complements the colour of your skirt. Say if your skirt is nude pink, you could wear a black or brown tank top. If your skirt is black, you can wear a tank top in any colour you like.
Then, add a jacket. Not a big fat one, just a leather jacket, a cropped blazer, anything like that to cover your arms from the cold.
Now, add the shoes. They can be ballet flats, shoe boots, heels, whatever you like, but not any knee high boots!
Lastly, add your favourite accesaries, and you're done!

Trench coats-
Yes, it's a coat, but most of the time, they're pretty thin, and don't keep you too warm, but they look great. They're really good for giving your body the right proportions. There are some ways to wear it and look nice and spring appropriate, without freezing your butt off!

First, put on a thermal. There are some really warm thermals from forever 21. If you can't find any that suit your taste, you can just wear a long sleeved t-shirt.
Next, add your favourite pair of skinny jeans. You want them to be nice and cosy, but still look spring appropriate, so I suggest going for some light wash jeans.
Then, add some ballet flats. They can be fun and floral, or a bright colour, but make sure they brighten up your outfit! If you're afraid of your feet getting cold, cut the feet off some skin coloured tights and wear them!
Now, add a gorgeous little necklace. It can either be a choker, or a necklace with a shorter chain. I suggest going with a spring-inspired necklace, like one with a flower pendant or in bright fun colours.
Now, add your trench coat. There you have a nice cosy but very spring inspired outfit!

Lace dresses-
I love lace dresses, they're so pretty and feminine! These can be pretty hard to apply to winter time though.

First, add some of your trusty skin coloured tights underneath your dress. This will keep your legs warm.
Next, add some cowgirl boots. They're fun and suitable for spring, but they still keep you warm! What a bonus!
Next, add a cute cardigan if you want to look girly. Hollister has some gorgeous ones! If you want to make the look tougher, add a leather jacket. They look amazing when paired with girly pieces!
Lastly, pair your outfit with some cute jewellery to match!

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Instant email requesting

Hi choicers! I'm on my stylechoice email (Stylechoice101@gmail.com) right now, and I will be posting replies on your requests live on the blog! I'd also like to tell you, feel free to email me about anything personal and I'll email you back, obviously I won't post about anything private! Also, if you have any business inquiries, email me on the same email and I'll get back to you asap. So anything you want to know about fashion, boys, bullying, whatever it is, just email me and tell me if you want me to put my reply on the blog!

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

What to wear when you don't know what to wear...?!

Yes, the ultimate disaster we all go through. When you don't know what to wear! Whether it's going shopping with your friends, going to meet your family, or just going down to the supermarket, sometimes, you just stare at your closet thinking: Now... where do I start?
Here are some tips on how to avoid that and wear an outfit that you haven't worn in a while, but that you'll love all the same!

  1. Pick one statement piece. To do this, I like to reach to the very back of my closet and grab something I haven't worn in a while. Next, just build a trendy outfit from this! Even if you don't like what you picked up very much, there's always a way to make it modern and age appropriate, using trendy jeans, statement jewelery, or some gorgeous heels!
  2. Pick up a fancy dress, skirt or shirt, and make it casual! Just simple add super casual pieces with it so that it becomes really casual and fun! It's easy! Say if you picked up a pretty chiffon dress that you wore to a date or a party, you could simply add boots or ballet flats with casual jewellery and a cool handbag, and you'll look adorable!
  3. Look at pictures of celebrities for inspiration, and then recreate the look! You'll find that helps you look trendy but puts you out your comfort zone!

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Apoligies and injuries!

Hi choicers! How is everyone? I'm really sorry that I haven't had a fashion blogpost up yesterday or today, but don't worry, it's not for no reason!
Basically, I'd somehow managed to give myself a knee injury, and it's not too too terrible, but it's pretty achey and I've been spending 24/7 sitting on the couch with a propped knee covered in ice. It's not been too great for me. I somehow managed to pry myself off the couch to my laptop to tell you guys this because I didn't want you thinking I was going to stop with the blog posts once a day. I'm sorry if I slack off still for the next couple days because at the hospital, I was told to make sure my knee gets rest from physical activity etc. Sorry guys.

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Quick tip: Collecting (Jewellery, shoes or clothing)

Collecting is something that I've always thought would be really cool fashion-wise. It's common to collect shoes and basics and bangles (By collect, I don't mean go crazy spending all your money, I just mean you have a really decent range of different kinds that you can probably use for any outfit you need.) I personally don't tend to go to town with collecting, but I do think that if you have the money, investing in shoes is a good plan, because it's the one piece of clothing (Other than underwear etc) that you need to wear every single day. You can replace tops, skirts and jeans for a dress, but you can't replace shoes. You need shoes every time you leave the house. Shoes can be used for all different occasions, so it's nice to have a good range, but if you don't have the money to have a different shoe in 20 different colours, just invest on the basics like a nude pump, black pump, brown boots etc.
The one thing I'd say about collecting is don't buy it unless you really love it. The last thing you want to do is end up with things you'll never wear. Chances are, you won't even get any satisfaction if you buy things that you think are 'just ok.'

Happy shopping!

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vintage Jewellery

I'm going to be doing a post about vintage jewellery today, because I feel like it's so beautiful. It all has a beauty that you can't replicate in a high street store, or even an expensive designer jewellery company. It's so priceless, even if it was originally only £20 or something. My favourite vintage is vintage that comes from someone you know and love. If you inherit vintage jewellery, don't sell it or save it so you can sell it, pass it down, because it's such a beautiful thing to own. You can wear vintage with anything, but always try to aim the focus at the piece of vintage jewellery you're wearing, instead of just wearing it to complement another piece of clothing.

Sorry this was only a short post, I promise I'll spend more time on a post tomorrow. I put a new poll up if you scroll down the right side, so please send me your vote!

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

What to do on a boring Saturday: Fashion edition

I know sometimes I have those days where nobody is free and you just have nothing to do, but I'm going to give you ideas of things you can do to entertain yourself, except using activities related to fashion. Tell me if you want more posts like this.

  • Make a collage of clothes that you've been wanting for the season (So I'd suggest doing Spring, since it's coming up soon.) Cut out picture from magazines or find pictures online and print them out, and then cut out words from magazines saying things like "Spring" and "Style." Stick all of the pictures in a creative way on some card, and then use this as a front cover for a fashion folder, where you can put things like outfit ideas, a fashion wishlist etc. You can use a clear plastic folder to store all the papers in, but make sure your collage is at the front!

  • Make a look book! Get a ring binder and lots of wallets, then print out a front cover saying 'Look Book' with some cute pictures. Then, everytime you wear an outfit you like, take a picture of your full outfit, put it on a word document with a list of which clothes you've used and where they're from, and then print it out. Put it in a plastic wallet and put it in your ringbinder behind the front cover, and you have a look book for when you need outfit inspiration!

  • Design some clothes! Sketch some ideas and then develop them with colours and accessaries to go with them! You could then come up with a designer label name and a collection for fun.

  •  Look on the internet at lots of different clothes and put together outfits for something like prom night, wedding day, or a first date.

  • Put together a fashion blog with all your favourite tips and ideas! Thats how I came up with Style Choice!

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    Friday, 20 January 2012

    Ways to wear: Loafers

    I've been loving loafers lately. They're so cute, especially in animal print and bright colours, but they can be somewhat hard to wear.

    • First, start off with a simple pair of denim shorts. I like my denim shorts to have at least one cute detail, like a patterned pocket or something.
    • Next, add a pair of tights. They can be plain black, black patterened, or anything you want in black, white, or neutral.
    • Next, add a chiffon blouse. It can be any colour that complements the colour of your loafers (Or the same colour). (Obviously wear a neutral coloured tank top underneath)
    • Add your loafers.
    • For accessaries, you want to keep it simple. Go for a delicate necklace and a delicate ring/bracelet to finish off the look.

      And thats the perfect way to wear your loafers!
      Sorry that it's just a short post again today, I promise to do a more detailed post tomorrow!

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      Thursday, 19 January 2012

      The colours that suit you most:

      Today I'm talking about different colours that suit you most depending on your skin tone and hair colour. Tell me whether this was helpful!

      Skin tones:

      Pale skin-
      Wear light colours with pale skin, because light colours make you look darker!
      Look for: Pale pinks, ice blues, yellows, light greens

      Tan skin-
      You can get away with wearing any colours. I really like corals, turquoises and other summery colours on girls with tanned skin.

      Dark skin-
      There are some colours that really complement your skin tone perfectly. Colours like cream and red really light up your skin. Also, indigo's look beautiful on you!

      Hair colours:

      Light blues and coral pinks are beautiful on you. Blonde is a beautiful summer colour, so embrace it by wearing summery colours!

      Light brunettes and red heads-
      Pale pinks, forest greens, and indigos look absalutely stunning on you. They complement your skin and make you have a gorgeous glow.

      Dark brunettes and blacks-
      I love light greens and bright blues on you. Also, I recommend wearing bright colours to make you always look cheerful and happy against your dark hair.

      I know this was just little, but I didn't have much time tonight but I didn't want to skip a day of talking to my choicers!

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      Wednesday, 18 January 2012

      Non-fashion related - A message every girl should know

      Hi girls, today I'm talking about some different things that I think all girls should know. I'm sorry if you prefer my fashion posts but I promise I'll have another one up tomorrow.

      You know what I really don't understand? Beauty. Some girls spend their whole life trying to reach the perfect look. They just want to be beautiful, even though they were beautiful long before the layers and layers of makeup, the surgery, whatever they do. It just doesn't make sense to me, because the only person thinking you aren't beautiful is you. It's normal to look in the mirror some days and think: Wow, I do not look attractive. But it's unhealthy to just tell yourself you're ugly every single day. I'll give you a challenge. Every day you wake up for the next week, look in the mirror and point out every beautiful thing on your face. Don't lie to yourself, of course there is at least one beautiful feature on your face. Whether it's your eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes, complexion, cheekbones, eyebrows, forehead, chin, I don't know, just anything you can spot which makes you look beautiful, tell yourself that as soon as you wake up. It'll put you in a good mindset for the whole day. If you asked someone you love if you are pretty, they'll probably say yes. Do you want to be just like the models? Just the same, boring, pretty, but commercial and normal? Or do you want to be the beautiful quirky girl with the amazing eyes or knife sharp cheek bones, who looks unusual compared to the average pretty, and yet enchanting? I think I want to be the second option. Different is beautiful.

      I hope I helped you feel beautiful, and just tell me if you want more messages of advice for girls

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      Tuesday, 17 January 2012

      Golden Globes - Best dressed award

      The Golden Globes just took place and I decided to share with you my view on who was best dressed!

      I think, the best dressed award for the girls goes to...

      She looked stunning. She looked well dressed for the occasion, taking account to everything from the gorgeous textured gown to the classy bun. It was a great look, which accented good features without being skimpy and underdressed.

      The best dressed award for the boys goes to...

      He looked great. He looked young and yet still sophisticated. It was simple but very well done. He looks brilliant.

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      Monday, 16 January 2012

      What to wear for... A first date

      It's something every girl gets worked up over because you feel like what you wear is the impression you give to the guy you're sharing that date with. The key is to look classy without looking overdressed.You don't want to be showing too much skin, but you don't want to be hiding the gorgeous assets of your body. Obviously everybody has a different style, but I'm going to give you 5 different styles, and you'll most likely fall in love with at least one of these looks!

      For the stylish girl-
       This dress is perfect for a girl who wants to look gorgeous and feminine yet stylish and chic. This dress is £40 from asos.com
      Pair this dress with a thick black waist belt and some statement black heels with some gorgeous earrings and your hair in a sleek high ponytail and you've got the perfect first date look. It'll deffinately make an impression!

      For the confident girl-
      This top is so hot and just screams confident, without looking skimpy. It makes you look mature, and yet playful, and as if you don't care what people think.This is £35 from asos.com
      Wear this with a pencil skirt that reaches your knees, the slight skin at the top is all you want to show with this. Pair this outfit with some platform court shoes, a delicate and small necklace, and a pretty ring or bracelet.

      For the romantic girl-
      This dress is perfect for someone who likes to look pretty and feminine, but also likes to look gorgeous and stylish. The dress is £20 from boohoo.com
      Pair this dress with some black shoe boots or some black court shoes. Add a cute black clutch with some feminine jewelery and you're good to go.

      For the girly girl-
      This dress is perfect for the sweet girls who like to look young and pretty, without looking childish. It's such an adorable dress. This dress is £40 from asos.com
      Pair this dress with some platform mary janes or some stylish black shoes, and add one piece of statement jewelery, to make the outfit age appropriate. Tie your hair up in a braided bun and add a stylish hair piece.

      For the rocker girl-
      This sequin top is so versatile and only £15 from boohoo.com
      To wear this top, pair it with a pair of bright coloured skinny jeans and gorgeous black court shoes. Next, add some dressy jewelery to make the outfit more date appropriate. To give the outfit that final date night flair, french braid a chunk of hair on the side of your head and add a matching clutch.

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      Sunday, 15 January 2012

      Catwalk styles: Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

      I know I've never done any catwalk posts before, because I always figured my audience would have trouble affording the things shown in the catwalk shows, but I figured if people are interested but not interesting in doing the research, I'll do all that for you and try to find some possible replica's (They may not be accurate, but they'd give you the same look.) Tell me what you think in the comments!
      I'm going to talk about my 3 favourite Betsey Johnson looks from the new collection.

      This first look uses a dramatic blue tinted sparkly dress with masculine blue lace up boots. The statement necklace and slight hint of a black bra underneath makes the outfit young, fun and careless. I love this look, expecially the boots because of the sparkled toe on the boot.
      The look for less:
      Lipsy sequin dress with mesh top from Asos.com - £37.50
      Limited edition lightning bolt earrings from Asos.com - £15.00
      Pieces Fuille Bow Fascinator from Asos.com - £18.00
      Blue lace up shoe boots from Punkyfish.com - On sale for only £7.00!
      (Sorry so much is from Asos, I try to use mostly websites applicable to lots of different countries)

      This outfit is stunning. The lime green and hot pink are so unusual together, yet they complement eachother so well. I love how girly and adorable the green dress is, but it looks so fierce with a hint of pink bra peeking out the top and those gorgeous pink lace-ups.
      The look for less:
      Cross front tulip skirt dress from Asos.com - £40
      Basic shoe string vest from New Look - £2.49
      Limited edition lightning bolt earrings from Asos.com - £15.00
      Block heel platform shoes from New Look - £24.99

      I love this look, because it's so young yet so quirky. It isn't mainstream, but it isn't completely unusual to see in the streets, which makes it an ultimate outfit for fashion loving girls. It's hot without showing too much skin. It's fierce and yet still young. This is my favourite outfit in the whole collection.
      The look for less:
      Motel tshirt in loose lips print from Asos.com - £22.00
      Exclusive leggings from Asos.com - £19.50
      Limited edition lightning bolt earrings from Asos.com - £15.00
      PETRA lace up platform high shoe from Asos.com - £95.00
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      Saturday, 14 January 2012

      Angel Wings ♥

      I said I wouldn't be able to post today, but I thought I'd do a
      little outfit of the day before I head out to my friends birthday
      celebration, so today, my outfit has to be warm, because it's
      freezing today, but I also wanted to incorporate my angel wing
      cardigan from punkyfish (Wearing it unbuttoned). I wanted to
      really complement the cream, so I added a green tank top
      from H&M and some black skinny jeans from Dorothy
      Perkins. I paired this outfit with an oversized sparrow and
      flower ring from New Look, a pair of pearl earrings (There
      were a gift, not sure where they're from, sorry) and an oversized
      stone ring which was passed to me from my mom (I couldn't
      include this in the set because I couldn't find anything similar).
      For shoes, I'm wear black lace up wedge booties from New Look.
      Angel Wings ♥

      Thanks for reading! ☺

      Friday, 13 January 2012

      Save or splurge?

      Hi guys, this is my second blogpost today, but I know that I won't be able to post tomorrow or the day after, so I decided I might aswell write a second blog post!
      I'm going to be talking about whether you should save or splurge on some of the items that people always disagree on. Remember, this is just my views, and if I had it my way, I'd just save on everything!

      A white tshirt- Save or splurge?
      Save! A white tshirt is a basic, which makes many people think: If you're going to wear it pretty much every day, splurge! It's worth the money!
      But my opinion is if you can find a good quality white tshirt for £15 that works just as well as a white tshirt for £40, just get the cheaper one, because the chances are, you're white tshirt will work just fine and you'll realise if you wasted more than double the money on the more expensive tshirt, it would've been pointless. Obviously it isn't a good thing if your white tshirt is almost completely see-through, but I tend to like wearing layers over or under my white tshirt anyway, just because I feel like it makes the outfit more complete.
      So I'd say save with one of Forever 21's £5 t-shirts, and if you feel like you want to spend more because you want better quality, find a £10 tee, but go no higher than £20!

      Well fitted skinny jeans- Save or splurge?
      Splurge. A girl only needs one pair of expensive jeans, all the rest of your skinny jeans can be savers, but for that one pair of gorgeous designer skinny jeans are essential. Jeans are one of those items that can be worn on so many different occasions, which is why you need a pair of splurge skinnies. Skinny jeans are the nicest pairs of jeans that can be paired with heels and a formal top and look gorgeous for a first date, a party, lunch with friends, whatever the event, and your pair of splurge jeans should be the ones you wear when you want to look formal. Don't splurge too much. I'd say about £150 to the very max. Your splurge skinnies should have gorgeous details which make them formal and worth the money!
      (The jeans above are Levi's)

      Little black dress- Save or splurge?
      Save save save. Everyone needs that perfect LBD, but you don't have to look far to find it! Sure, it needs to fit your body shape perfectly and be perfect for casual AND formal occasions, but the best thing to do is just research. Look through lots of different online stores, and alot of the time, you'll find cheap but gorgeous little black dresses. Spend no more than £30 on your little black dress, and if it doesn't fit right, or something isn't quite right, do a little DIY session, or just go to a trusty tailor! You can easily add some cute little details by yourself, like adding a thick black zipper on the back, attatching a leather trim on the colar (If it has one), use a string of sequins to sew around the neckline, whatever suits you. A good idea is if the bottom of your LBD is tight and plain, get some black lace trim and sew it to the inside of the very bottom of the dress, this way, you'll just be able to see a little bit of lace peeking out the bottom of the dress, which is flirty and feminine.
      (The dress above is from boohoo.com)

      Satement heels- Save or splurge?
      Splurge. Every girl should have at least one pair of super quirky statement heels to wear with boring outfits and to just add a bit of fierce style to your wardrobe. It's always nice to treat yourself to a nice pair of statement heels, but don't spend too much. For shoes, I'd say the very very maximum should be £200, UNLESS you're saving up for some gorgeous Loubies, in that case, knock yourself out and buy the cutest Loubitons in the market.The highest I'd go personally would be £150, because I'm not a big spender. I tend to look for deals, but sometimes, I'm a sucker for some gorgeous YSL's. Don't just look as far as your eyeline and splurge on a pair of heels that you aren't head over heels for. Only spend the money if you can't get the darn shoes out your mind and your pretty much in love with the shoes. Wasting money on a splurge is the biggest mistake a girl can make, so go research until you fall in love, but don't break the bank!
      (The shoes above are by Chinese Laundry)

      Tell me what you thought of the Save or splurge's! Do you want me to do them frequently for different things? What kind of things do you need advice on? Handbags? Watches? Tank tops? Whatever you want, just leave me a comment or send me an email!
      Remember, never splurge on an unsplurgy (Not me just being strange, trying to play on words with unworthy) items. Never waste your money, because you might find an empty bank when you want your next essential!

      Thanks for reading! ☺

      Inspired by... Art

      I'm starting a new series called Inspired By, where I basically talk about fashion inspirations that I got from whatever, and write about them here, so that you can all be inspired. For this post, I'm going to talk about my painting that I did a few days ago. I painted it for my friends birthday present, but I've been really inspired by the whole idea of the painting.

      Above is the painting I've done of a daisy, which is the inspiration of the look I'm making. I'm sorry to any proffesional artists if this doesn't look like a great painting to you, I don't study art and this is the first watercolour painting I've done for 3 years.
      This inspired me to make an outfit that is bright and spring appropriate, but also wearable in the winter.

      We're going to start off with a dress, because I feel like a dress really expresses the effortless beauty that comes with the spring time. I've picked a chiffon midi dress from Asos.com which really expresses the nature of the look we're aiming for.
      Since we want our outfit to be simple, but also show all the colours represented in a daisy, we're going to add white accesaries for the petals. Even though the dress has waist detailing to pull it in, it's still appropriate to add accent on the waist, so we're going to add a white waist belt. I've cheated a little though, because I found it hard to find an efficiently priced pure white belt, so I settled for a taupe coloured ruffled elastic belt from Forever 21.
      Now, to add more white (Well once again, I've used an off-white colour which matches the belt so that we're not clashing colours) we're adding some lace tights. Lace tights make the whole outfit winter appropriate without taking away the spring effortless of the outfit. I'm using some floral lace tights in the shade 'Oatmeal' from Forever 21.
      Next, we're going to add in some yellow for the middle of the flower. It's hard to do this without looking like a traffic warden in neon yellow shoes, so we're going to go for a mustard colour. We're using flats, because it makes the outfit more casual and everyday-friendly, because with a dress, it's always trickier to make an outfit casual. The shoes I'm using are hard to pull off, but so perfect for this kind of outfit. I found some mustard yellow leather loafer shoes from Asos.com and obviously if you feel like these shoes are too tricky for you to pull off, or you simply don't like them, just research and try to find some matching shoes in any style that works for you.
      Lastly, I'm going to add another subtle addition of mustard yellow. I'm going to add a yellow bracelet. To add more edge to the outfit, I've picked a bracelet which includes gold studs. I'm using the studded wraparound bracelet from Forever 21's dreamcatcher line.

      This outfit is very different from other outfits I've done on Style Choice. It's very innocent and perfect for a first date or dinner with family. Fashion can be inspired by everything, from people you see on the street, to a picture you see on a photography website. Whatever inspires you, make an outfit from it! There are clothes to potray everything if you look around. Everyone is individual, so if you make some sort of variation of this outfit, take a picture and show me in the comments or send me an email!

      Thanks for reading! ☺

      Wednesday, 11 January 2012

      Ways to wear: Bright coloured bags (And a welcome back!)

      Hi guys, I took a little break for the holidays, only posting a couple posts per day, but starting today, I'm back on track doing my usual 2+ blog posts every week.
      Today, I wanted to be daring in the thing that I chose to focus on, because it's easy to find out how to wear the big styles, such as skinny jeans and blazers, but it's harder to find tips on how to wear things that are around, but not considered a 'trend.'
      Today, I am going to be talking about bright coloured bags. Any kind will work, whether it's a clutch, a cross body bag, suede, leather, cheap, expensive, orange, electric blue. Any will do, as long as it's a bag, and it's in a quirky colour. I'm going to use electric blue as an example, because personally, that is my favourite colour for adding accent to a dull outfit.

      First, start off with the bag you've chosen. I found a gorgeous electric blue Fiorelli satchel for £49/$75 from asos.com which sounds like a lot of money, but it's a good investment. You'll use a bag like this more than you'd think.
      Next, you want to build a basic outfit using neutral colours that complement the colour of the bag.
      E.g. if you had a bright pink bag, you'd use tans and creams, and if you had a bright purple bag, you could use greys and near blacks. Since the bag I'm using is electric blue though, I'm using the most basic colour. Black. Black and blue always look beautiful together (Unless you're dealing with navy.)
      I also want to make sure the clothes I use aren't very daring in their shape, fabric, and detailing, but at the same time, I don't want to end up just looking dull. I also don't want to have the same colour on the top and the bottom unless I'm dealing with a dress. This all sounds so complicated, but it really isn't. We're just going to add a top in the same colour as the bag, but toned down, so I'm using a pretty pale blue and turquiose colourblock cami from forever 21. This is only £12/$18 so that the outfit doesn't have such a dramatic total because of the expensive bag.
      Now, we're going to add in the black bottoms. This can be anything that suits your personal preferance, as long as it's very simple. If you have a longer top, you could just wear a pair of leggings, or if you're wearing a tight top, I suggest wearing a flowy skirt or loose bottoms, but since I'm using a loose top which isn't long enough to pair with leggings, I'm going to pair it with some simple black skinny jeans. Skinny jeans pull in any figure, so I suggest having a good supply of them. The ones I'm using are £22.75/$35 from Forever 21.
      Now for the shoes, you want to go for a simple shoe shape in a matching colour to the bag, or a daring shoe shape in a matching colour to the bottoms. I'm going to go for a daring black shoe, because I feel like a fierce shoe will match the style of the bag, and make the flowy and girly top seem more ruthless than sinless. Now here, I'm using another slightly bank-breaking piece, because a nice black daring shoe is almost essential to a girls wardrobe. Now I know not everyone is made of money (Including me!) so you can always research and find some other cheaper shoes that match the style. Research is crucial when making desicions about what you should buy. I've picked some Miss KG snake print court shoes, £80/$123 from asos.com
      That completes my segment on bright coloured bags. Obviously, there's room for a change. Every girl has a slightly different style and if you feel you need to, you can change any bit you want.Your outfit, your look. You should only ever achieve the look in your head, never completely shape your wardrobe to look like someone else! You are you, not me or any celebrities or bloggers or whoever, so don't be afraid to show it!

      Thanks for reading! ☺

      Tuesday, 3 January 2012

      What kind of business do you want to see in the market?

      I've been thinking of ideas of what kind of fashion business I should start, and I wanted some advice from different people, so I decided to talk to you guys, because you're my target audience so the best way to collect the best information is to ask you! I thought of a couple different ideas, so please leave me a comment or send me an email (To stylechoice101.gmail.com) about which of these ideas sounds best.

      • 20's hairbands - Cheap but stylish 20's inspired hairbands for everyday and formal occasions.
      • Designer dresses - Handmade dresses designed by me for all occasions. More expensive dresses priced at around £50 but perfect for prom, going to weddings, or cheaper dresses for everyday.
      • Everyday clothes - Everyday clothes for teens aged 11-19. Only available online. Prices between £15-£30.
      • Design your own dress - A website where you can use a program to design your own dress and we'll make it for you and ship it off to you. You'd have to wait around 2 weeks for the dress to be made and it will cost between £50 - £100 depending on the kind of design you asked for. You'd be able to design everyday dresses, party dresses, prom dresses and more!

      So which idea sounds best? Let me know! Thank you for reading! ☺

      Sunday, 1 January 2012

      Happy New Year!

      Firstly, I want to apoligise for the lack of blogposts over the last week, I promise that starting tomorrow, I will get back into the usual 3 or 4 blogposts per week.
      I just wanted to wish everybody a happy new year. I hope you all have a blessed year in front of you! I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and I hope you had an amazing 2011!

      Thanks for reading! ☺