Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hope you understand

You probably think I've really been slacking with this blog, but trust me, I haven't. I've got a stressful and extremely busy week on my hands, and I just haven't had the time to write. After this week finished, I will have a lot more time to be writing you nice long fashion posts, just like the ones that I get good feedback for. I know you might be getting sick of me saying sorry for missing a few days, but trust me, after this, no more skipping days. I promise you I will be a heck of a lot more organised starting on Sunday. What do you want to see me write about? Because sometimes, I'll spend up to two hours on a post and have hardly any people give me feedback, so I want to be posting about things you're interesting in! Let me know!

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Overview of my Saturday (OOTD, movie review, music)

Hey style choicers! Today, I found quite a few things I felt were post worthy, so I decided to do a post-montage basically.

Most of the stuff I wore today was pretty old so I'm using replicas.
I loved this outfit, except for the fact that I stood out against all the dark colours around me!

The Hunger Games-
I went to see The Hunger Games today. It was brilliant! The whole movie was so dramatic and you were captivated the whole time! I really recommend you go see it. I hadn't read the book before I watched the movie, but now I feel compelled to go buy it. Have you watched the movie? If you have, I want to hear what you thought of it too! Leave a comment!

Carly Rae Jepsen-
I'm a very musical person, and recently, I found Carly Rae Jepsen. Now I know lots of people know Call Me Maybe, but I also fell in love with Sour Candy and Tug Of War! I love Carly's quirky voice, because it makes her sound so innocent and it's so adorable! If you like Taylor Swift, you'll probably like Carly Rae Jepson!
What do you think?

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Stacking bracelets

Hey style choicers! At the moment, it's a big trend to be wearing a bunch of quirky bracelets stacked up. It's such a Spring inspired trend, and I love it! The best way to do it is to use a couple thin and delicate bangles, and then get one thick statement cuff or thick bangle. This look is so cute! Use daring colours and pair your stacked bracelets with a basic tank top, some coloured jeans maybe, and a cute fashion scarf or simple necklace. This look is trendy, effortless, and so adorable!
Some great stacking bracelets-
£8.90 from Forever 21

£5 from River Island

£4 from River Island

Obviously these three bracelets would all be stacked differently, but I love them all for different styles and outfits! Tell me what you think!

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

There's nothing wrong with second-hand clothes!

Hey style choicers! I'm a sister and a daughter to two people the same size as me, which can be helpful. My mom certainly doesn't look her age and it always wearing adorable and subtly trendy clothes. My sister has a completely different fashion sense to me, but is often handing down basic things that she doesn't wear that often, so I've always loved days when I get a pile of clothes to sort through. If you have someone in your family or a friend who's your size, ask if you could look through her old clothes, and maybe do a couple swaps! What's useless to them might be amazing to you, you never know! Sometimes, people will throw things out because it doesn't suit their figure or the colour doesn't suit them, and it might well look amazing on you! Today, I sorted through my mom's clothes and found some gorgeous summer clothes, some amazingly flattering tank tops (They make you look like you have the tiniest waist!), some adorable flowy tops and some more stuff that if I went into a shop, I'd have to spend up to £30 buying, and yet I got it free! So although so many people think having second-hand clothes is a little bit strange, as long as you get them from a good source, it's like going shopping and finding out everything is free!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's in my shower? + Sorry! ♥

Hey style choicers! I'm going to start off with a post telling you whats in my shower and then at the end I'm going to explain to you why my posting schedule is so mixed up etc.

What's in my shower?
So you probably WEREN'T wondering, but I'm guessing since your still reading that you are slightly interested about what I keep in my shower.

Tresemme naturals shampoo-
I love the shampoo from the tresemme naturals line. The shampoo is organic and has less sulphates, so it's absalutely amazing for your hair! I really recommend this if your hair is long, because using a low or no sulphate shampoo helps prevent split ends

Herbal Essence raspberry and silk conditioner-
This shampoo is designed to prevent split ends and to give your hair protection. It smells beautiful and leaves your hair feeling lovely. The shampoo is designed for people with mid to long hair.

Radox relax shower gel-
This shampoo smells amazing, and helps my skin feel hydrated and smooth. It's amazing cheap and quite easy to get a hold of, and yet, has the quality of a shower gel that costs £10 instead of £1!

Gillette Venus embrace razor
This razor is absalutely brilliant. It's so smooth on the skin, and I've never cut myself with it before. It feels like your not shaving at all, it's so light and I'm so impressed with this razor! I really recommend this.

Clean&Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub
Now I personally don't have too many problems with black heads, but this scrub is great for cleaning dirt, oil, and makeup off your skin, giving your skin a fresh glow after use. I use this in every shower and I feel like it does really help my skin, even though it doesn't have blackheads to clear up. I would recommend this for everyone.

So guys, I know my posts have been pretty scattered at the moment, and that's because I'm ridiculously busy this month. I've been trying my best to write a post, but sometimes posts can take up to an hour, and I just don't have that kind of time being out of the house all day. I promise you that after next week, I'll be back to my normal daily post though, so just bear with the unorganisation for about a week please ♥

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Sunday, 18 March 2012


Sometimes in life, we dream about the biggest aims we have. We look at certain people and wonder if that'll ever be us, but then we convince ourselves that it won't, and we go back to our everyday lives. Why do we do this? We never try to reach our lifes ambitions, we just sit there wishing it would happen but not doing anything to MAKE it happen. We sit there on our butts thinking: "Only lucky people get to achieve their dreams." That's not true. Anybody can if you work hard and put your all into starting your dream. How do you think they got there? They just woke up one morning and realised they had achieved everything they wanted in life? No, they worked. Then you get those people who do little things each day to get to their dream, but they have this back-up plan that isn't really a back-up plan anymore. Maybe they started off working half time at a store, and then took on full time when we gave up trying to achieve their dream. People like that have made their plan B their plan A. Is that you? Yeah, you need a plan B, but thats incase plan A falls through, not incase you get fed up of trying. Basically, I think that we should try and achieve everything we're capable of. Money is not happiness, neither is a good career, but loving how you spend your life, will deffinately make you happy.
 Don't you just love my picture to show ambition? Haha

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spring Trends!

Hey style choicers! Quite a while ago, I made a blog post telling you how to wear some spring trends but still stay warm, but in alot of places in the world at the moment, it's actually quite warm at the moment! (discluding where I live. Infact, there's a chance it might snow soon! Bummer, right?!) I'm getting really into the spring trends, and I'm hoping soon I can start wearing them! This year, the spring trends are absalutely amazing! There are some I'm especially in love with! I'm going to show you some of my favourites, and at the end, I'm going to ask you for some fashion advice! I know that's a little bit backwards, but I need help!

I am in LOVE with the colour coral. It's so beautiful and everytime I see someone wearing coral, it just makes me smile. It's one of the only colours that suits every single skin tone, and you can't go wrong with it! Coral is an easy colour to wear. Pick one or two coral pieces for your outfit, and then pair them with whites and tans for a light and free spring or summer outfit!
On sale for £65 from Asos (By French Connection)

Floppy hats:
Usually floppy hats are strictly beachwear only, but lately, I've been seeing them all over the place. They're so fun and when you're wearing one, you just feel so happy! They make you feel daring and fun! They can be pretty hard to pull off without looking like you're on your way to the beach, so I suggest pairing your floppy hat with a cute skirt or dress (Maxi dresses look amazing with a floppy hat!), sandals (not flip flops), and some fun accessories for an everyday look.
£8.90 from Forever 21

Peep-toe flats:
I've been LOVING peep-toe flats! They're absalutely adorable! They send off such a cute 50's beach-girl vibe to me, and maybe thats just me, but I've been loving them! They look great with shorts, skirts, and dresses! Peep-toe flats are comfy, stylish, adorable, and perfect for the seasons ahead.
£25 from New Look, or Amazon (By Mel Fresh)

Now I'm dying for some pink or coral peep-toe flats, and there's two I'm deciding between, and I need your help to decide which ones to go for!

Option 1:
£10 from H&M
These ones are more sophisticated, and a little bit cheaper. The colour is a little more subtle than the ones I'm showing you next, and they'd be good to wear for formal and casual events. They're practical and very pretty.

Option 2:
£15 from River Island
These shoes are so fun! They're bright coral and I can imagine myself wearing then with some denim shorts and a fun coral top. These wouldn't be suitable to wear formally, but I could probably get alot of wear out of them throughout the upcoming seasons. They aren't as practically, but they're so cute! I think they'd be good to take with me on holiday this summer. They bring out the fun childish side of me!

So which sandals do you think I should go for? Practical and pretty or fun and quirky? I'm completely stuck! Leave me a comment below, or if you don't have a blogger account, you can comment with some different account options. I also have an email in the side bar, so feel free to email me! And I just want to remind you about the new poll again. There are some pretty exciting ideas there! Happy st patricks day!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hey style choicers! Today, I had a talk about self-esteem. One of my biggest goals in life is to help people to feel comfortable in their own skin. We've heard it all before, all that stuff that beauty in magazines is fake and all that, we all understand that now, and that's mostly what the talk was about, how celebrities don't look like that in person and all that jazz. This got me thinking. Alot of times though, us girls will look at people we DO know in person. The school 'populars', your friends, or maybe even a family member, and yet we still feel insecure, knowing that they haven't been airbrushed. This is a bigger issue to me, because when we compare ourselves to people who we think are completely natural and yet still totally beautiful, I'm not afraid to admit that in that situation, I feel pretty darn rubbish, but honestly? They probably compare themselves to you! We always look at ourselves more harshly than others, and that is just because we see ourselves so often, that our brains automatically pick on every tiny fault. Just because to you, you don't have a perfect face or perfect figure or perfect skin, doesn't mean you need to go to the extent to change that, because there are people who think you ARE perfect looking, and they're wishing they looked more like you, so why don't you just save yourself the effort of wasting time staring at your reflection picking out every fault, and spend more time going by day today, and each day, looking in the mirror and without looking too much into it, just pick out one good thing about yourself that day. Don't lie to yourself and say 'nothing' though, because that's a lie. It could be anything from your hair colour, to your cheek bones, to your weight, to your eyes, or your figure. It could even be the fact that the spots you had on your chin are healing up or something. Whatever it is, this'll help you be happy with yourself each day!

I hope this helped, please leave me a comment if it did! And by the way guys, I put a new poll up! I'm thinking of starting a second blog or something! Let me know, every vote counts!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Slim for Spring: Exercising

Hey style choicers! I've got another edition of Slim for Spring today! Firstly, I just want to remind you that you shouldn't be starving yourself! Not eating for hardly eating makes your body produce it's own fats which makes you gain weight, so use the method I suggested last SfS post where I said "Replace, not Remove" Which basically means instead of taking out foods, replace them with healthier ones. This post is about doing exercise. I'm one of those people who loves to work out. It's a hobby instead of a neusance for me because as a dancer, I dance twice a week and rehearse at home, aswell as doing my own little workout sessions at home. You don't have to leave the house to exercise though. You also don't need an at home gym. Just put a music channel on the tv which is playing fast songs and spend 30 minutes to 2 hours (Don't work yourself any longer than that) on doing stretches, dancing, heart-raisers, whatever you want. Do this between 1-4 times a week and you should see yourself developing some muscle!

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Monday, 12 March 2012

DIY: Graffiti t-shirt

Hey style choicers! I've got a fun DIY for you today! All you need is a plain t-shirt in any light colour and some spray paint suitable for fabric. The end product should be this style:
(This is £18 from

What you need:
A light coloured t-shirt or tank top:
£3.75 from Forever 21

Spray paint suitable for fabric in any colour you like (I quite like the metallics):
On sale for £8.80 from by Tulip

A stencil for the word/words or image you'd like to put on your tshirt:
£6 from by The Stencil Studio

  • Lay the t-shirt flat on a work surface that you don't mind getting covered in paint.
  • Use the colour you want to fill in the stencil, trying not to get paint beyond the stencil. It doesn't have to look neat.
  • Takes the stencil off and leave paint to dry to amount of time that it says on bottle.
  • Thats all you need to do! This should be washer safe and stylish aswell! Perfect!
Thanks for reading! ☺

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Outfit Week: Sunday

Hiya style choicers! How is everyone this Sunday? Did everyone have a nice Saturday! And just a tip, instead of thinking that tomorrow is back to school/work, think that we're still only halfway through the weekend! For me, Sunday is church day, and even though I don't tend to wear fancy dresses and hats etc, I still like to look nice. Sundays are about getting the balance right between boring and crazy colours, between fancy and casual, between looking trendy and looking modest, so I've picked an outfit that fits all of the following  criteria's.

On sale for £38 from (By Prophecy)

On sale for £22 from (By Vero Moda)
(Tuck the yellow top into the skirt)

On sale for £35 from (By Vero Moda)

On sale for £25 from (By Pascale Monvoisin)
Only on sale for today so make sure you buy one quick!

£48 from Topshop

I am in love with this outfit! Just a few bright colours makes it seem lively and awake, but since you aren't going crazy with the colour, it still looks totally church suitable! This may well be my favourite outfit of the week. Tell me in the comments which of the 6 (if you look back to Wednesday, you'd know there was more important stuff to post about) outfits was your favourite!

Thanks for reading! ☺

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Outfit Week: Saturday

Hey style choicers! It's Saturday! In my opinion, a Saturday is a fun and relaxing day. You meet up with your friends, hang out with your family, or just keep to yourself and chillout a little! I've tried to find a super comfy and casual yet super cute outfit for today, one that you wish you could wear every single day! I'm using neutrals and calm tones in this outfit.

£25 from (By Reverse)
(This top is see-through so you should wear a nude or white tank top/ bandeu underneath.)

£20 from Top Shop

 £8.90 from Forever 21

£30 from

I'm in love with this outfit! Betweem the adorable cold shoulder tshirt, to the trendy side panel leggings, to the quirky patterned scarf, to the comfy blue moccasins, it just makes a perfect combination of comfort and style! In my opinion, this is the best outfit of the week so far! I hope you agree ☺

Thanks for reading! ☺

Friday, 9 March 2012

Outfit Week: Friday

Hiya style choicers! I'm not a big party girl myself, but it's always fun to dress like you're going to have a good time! I love the daring fashion using bright colours and outfits that you'd never wear on any other day, but I'm not a big fan of showing too much skin, so in my opinion, to avoid looking trashy, lay off on the flashy mini skirts. I'm making an outfit using fun colours and styles, but also making them look slightly reserved. Showing too much skin takes away dignity and makes you less ladylike in my opinion. The outfit I'm showing you is pretty similar to the outfit I wore out tonight.

£20 from Miss Selfridge

£10.50 from Forever 21

£10.50 from Forever 21

£150 from (By Warehouse)

£20 from

(These are the orange smiley face nail wraps, cute right?!)
£6.70 from (By Nail Rock)

Hope you liked this outfit as much as I did! It just screams fun without showing too much skin at all! Plus, you look great and keep warm!

Thanks for reading! ☺

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Outfit Week: Thursday

Hey style choicers! I'm back into the full swing of outfit week and ready to share my outfit for Thursday! Now I think of Thursday as the tiring day, when you're just so close to the weekend and you've made it through most of the week, but it's just a little bit frustrating because you still have a full days work to get through, so I've used blues and calming colours for Thursday, because loading on a bunch of brights is just going to make you feel insecure when you're tired, but blues help you feel relaxed, which is what you're going for!

£16.75 from Forever 21 (I suggest wearing a nude, black or white tank top underneath this dress)

On sale for £45 from (By River Island)

£6.65 from Forever 21

I've picked this outfit to be appropriate for work (Add some skin colours tights and brown blazer) or going out with friends, or ever going on a date!

Thanks for reading! ☺

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

I know you were expecting an outfit for today but I decided to skip a day because I felt it was much more important to talk about KONY 2012. If you haven't seen the video, it's talking about a man who was doing some horrible horrible things in Uganda, and has been doing this for TWENTY YEARS. He's been abducting young children and using boys as child soldiers and using girls as sex slaves. What he's been doing is serious and needs to be stopped. You won't be able to understand  until you watch the video, so just spare half an hour to watch a video that can help imprison the most uncontrollable man on Earth.

Please watch that video and help make a difference. And believe it or not, he has NO REASON to be doing this.

Share the video as many times as possible. We want this video to be viewed WORLD WIDE ♥

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Outfit Week: Tuesday

Hey style choicers! Today is Tuesday, and I think of Tuesdays as a working day, because on Monday, it tends to feel gloomy, but by the end of the week, you feel tired, so Tuesday is the day where I personally feel energized and encouraged to work hard, so I've done a sophisticated but cute outfit suitable for work.

On sale for £27 from

£19.75 from Forever 21

£4.90 from Forever 21

So obviously you could add whatever jewellery to this outfit to make it your own, but what I've done is I've taken a conservative and sophisticated looking dress and added bright and fun colours to make it look young and daring, but still suitable for a work environment. For jewellery, it would look great to add a statement gold chain link bracelet and some blue simple studs.

Thanks for reading! ☺

Monday, 5 March 2012

Outfit Week: Monday

Hey style choicers! This week, I've decided to make an outfit for every day that you can remake according to what day it is e.g. Friday = Parties.
I associate Monday to lazyness. People don't tend to work hard on Monday's and they tend to not be very hyper-active, because they're sad that the weekend is over, so I've done Monday as a comfortable outfit, that also will make you happy wearing it, because I'm using bright colours.

£14 from Hollister

£30 from

On sale for £55 from by Bronx

£28 from by Vero Moda

I chose this outfit because it's work appropriate, but also cute, colourful, fun and comfortable. The shoes are only 3 inches and wedges, the tank top and skirt are beautiful spring colours, and the blazer helps your feel less self-concious if you don't like showing too much skin. This can also be worn with leggings if that helps you stay warmer and feel more comfortable.

Thanks for reading! ☺

Friday, 2 March 2012

Outfit of the Day: Leather & Lace

Hey style choicers! I want to say I'm really sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been experiencing some family problems and been extremely busy. I hope you can understand. I'm going out with my friends today and then going back to my friends house for her birthday, so I've planned to wear the purple lace dress I hauled a few weeks ago. Tell me if you like the oufit!

The poll I used to see what your favourite kind of post was is closed now, but I still need your help! Tell me in the comments what your favourite series is on Style Choice because there are some posts that I used when I first started the blog that are closed now, so just leave me a comment below or send me an email telling me what your favourite kind of post is!

Thanks for reading! ☺