Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shoes for Winter

Fall is easy to figure out what shoes you wear, you just need a pair of brown boots and your pretty much good for the whole of fall, but winter isn't so simple. With the snow, the ice, the cold, the Christmas festivities, the parties, everything needs a different pair of shoes, so I'll be giving you advice on what kind of shoe will be perfect for you.

Snow and ice:
You need to stay safe at the same time as looking great, so I suggest wearing some Uggs, or any boots without a heel and if you feel like you'll probably slip, try and find boots with a tread on the bottom. Your boots can be in any colour for the winter, black to red to leapord print, you can be as daring or as simple as you like!

Christmas festivities:
Whether it's Christmas shopping, getting together with the family, going to a Christmas market/festival, you should wear shoes that give you comfort, warmth, and you feel like they look cute too. When I put those words together, the first kind of shoe that comes into my mind are fluffy moccasins. They're so cute, so warm, so comfortable, and the perfect shoe for Christmas festivities. You can get expensive Ugg moccasins, which are great quality and offer alot of comfort, or you can go for the cheaper moccasins, which may not offer the same quality, but they're still comfortable and warm.

Christmas/New Years parties:
For the festive parties that come with winter, you need some gorgeous heels that still offer a bit of comfort. I suggest going for a pair of heels that (Going a bit science-y on you here now) have a larger surface area. That way, the pressure of wearing heels is spread throughout the shoe, because (especially on New Years) you'll be wearing those shoes for a heck of a long time. I'm quite into platforms, mary janes, and bold heels at the moment. Whatever your style, you can go for a heel that suits you.

All of the shoes I've included pictures of are from

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Quick tip:

Good afternoon fellow Style Choicers. Today, I'll be giving you a quick tip that everyone can find useful!

The pop of colour:
Most white tank tops and tshirts are see-through, and it's so annoying when you can see everything underneath, so I like to add a bright coloured tank top underneath, because then, you see a little hint of colour. You can also use this tip for any white tops you have.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Outfit of the day:

Happy Sunday! :]

This is what I've been wearing today, opinions? I decided to look casual for my casual day. I've also added a cardigan just to stay warm, but my main focus of the outfit is the scarf.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

What to wear for... Cold Weather

Here in England, the weather is getting colder, and I'm sure it is where you are too, so here are some tips on how to look fashionable but feel warm and cosy!

Going out in snowy weather:
Use layering to go out in the snow. You want to avoid getting frostbite, so try wearing your favourite knitwear sweater in any pattern you like. I like fairisle knits. Next, add your favourite jacket. This year, the big quilted jackets are actually quite in! You can get away with wearing your favourite chunky jacket. For the bottoms, just wear some skinny jeans, you could even wear coloured skinny jeans. If thats not warm enough, add tights underneath or instead of wearing skinny jeans, wear a couple pairs of leggings layered. For shoes, Uggs keep your feet nice and cosy, or you could just wear some practical boots, no heels, you'll slip! Lastly, just add a fluffy scarf, a lovely little hat and some cosy gloves! You're ready to go!

Snuggling by the fire:
When your house is almost as cold as the air outside, you need clothes to keep you cosy! Once again, we're going to work on layering up. First, start with a long sleeved plain tshirt. It can be in any colour, I quite like dark purples and indigos. Next, add any chunky knitwear. Whether it's a knit cardigan or a big jumper, it doesn't matter. If it's not too cold, you could wear a knit vest over your tshirt. Next, for the bottom, you can wear knit leggings, skinny jeans, normal leggings, just anything tight to go on the bottom, just to add that contrast. For your feet, get some thick knit socks, or even big slipper socks, then pair the outfit with a pair of uggs, and try to make sure only the tip of your socks are peeking out from under your boots. You're set to snuggle up drinking hot chocolate by the fire!

On those icy cold (But not snowy) days:
First, start off with a long sleeved thermal. It can be any pattern or colour you like. Next, add your favourite pair of jeans. Add some thick socks and then put on your favourite pair of boots. They can be any kind of boots. Next, add your favourite thick jacket. It can be a trench coat or a big padded jacket or a furry jacket or whatever you life. Add a cute beanie hat with some gloves or mittens, I quite like mittens to wear, they're nice and cosy! And you're good to go!

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

What to wear for...Thanksgiving!

Hi guys, I know it's been a while, I apoligize, I've been so busy this week, you wouldn't believe. I'm trying to make this channel useful for people all over the globe, so today I'll be writing about what you should wear for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is so cheerful, and it's just amazing to be around your family at the dinner table being thankful for all of the ways you've been blessed.
I think Thanksgiving shouldn't be about looking ridiculously fashionable or mature for your age or anything like that. It's about looking appropriate, pretty, comfortable and happy.

Outfit 1 - Fairly Festive:
To look festive, try wearing fall colours, such as browns, auburns, mustard yellows, oranges, reds, just any colours that remind you of fall. Start out your outfit with a bold fall colour in any piece of your choice, and built the outfit around that piece. This is always the easiest way to make an outfit. Deffinately only use one daring colour in your outfit. If you add anymore, you'll end up looking like a decoration to hang on the wall.

Outfit 2 - Cute Comfortable:
To look cute yet comfortable, try wearing chunky knitwear. It's warm, it's comfy and yet it's extremly adorable. Pair it with a comfy pair of leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, a tight skirt, just anything tight to bring that contrast into your outfit. If you wear the right outfits, you don't have to put fashion before comfort!

Outfit 3 - Pretty Practical:
For this outfit, you need to aim to look feminine and pretty, yet practical at the same time. Try to find a chiffon or floaty piece to start out your outfit. Try not to make it too summery. Next, add a tougher leather piece to your outfit. It could be a leather jacket, or some leather leggings, or some tough boots, anything that suits your style, but make sure you aren't showing much skin. The tough piece will make your outfit look less princess and more chic, but you'll still look pretty as long as your showcasing your flowy piece. Don't wear heels with this outfit, and don't add too heavy jewelry  or belts. Don't overdue the rest of the outfit, just to keep you looking practical.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

X Factor UK - Fashion

This week on X Factor, there was a whole bunch of daring looks on both judges and contestants!

Kelly went daring, coming out wearing a Stella McCartney suit. Yes, a suit! We can always trust Kelly to go all out with her fashion! I think this risk payed off. She looked fantastic, making the look more feminine with a pair of heels, some interesting earrings, and an amazing white shirt that has amazing buckle detailing on the cuffs of the sleeves and underneath the colar!

On the Saturday night, Little Mix looked amazing in their extremly fun and daring outfits. They look their age, and they aren't being styled to look any older. They looked fun, exciting, and they had a matching theme, but they weren't so matching that it became tacky. Well done girls!

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Affordable Fall Fashions

One of my favourite things about fashion is you can be wearing a £50 dress and stand next to a girl wearing a £300 dress and you can still look just as amazing. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive to be gorgeous. I'll be sharing some of my favourite fashions for this fall time, and sharing where you can find them cheap.

Leather shorts:
Leather shorts are absalutely gorgeous. They're stylish, yet daring, and really easy to wear. I've seen them as cheap as £15 using faux leather. They don't need to be real leather to look and feel real. They can be dressed up or down, and still keep you warm for the fall.
Dressing them up:
Pair your leather shorts with a chiffon blouse tucked in and some simple black heels. If you match this outfit with a black clutch and gold earrings, you're ready to go to any formal event. You can wear skin coloured tights to keep your legs warm.
Dressing them down:
To dress them down, pair them with a big chunky sweater to keep you nice and toasty, and wear this with brogues or loafers. Once again, skin coloured tights can be worn.
When wearing leather shorts, it looks really amazing to use a contrast in fabric. I love pairing leather with chiffon and chunky knit pieces.

These shorts were only £16.75 from Forever 21

Chunky knits:
Whether it's a sweater, a cardigan, a dress, or even a pair of socks, chunky knits are so feminine and yet so fun to wear. They're so practical because of the warmth and comfort, yet so in fashion at the moment. These can be worn well when you want to look casual but yet so pretty.
I like the look of pairing a chunky knit sweater with liquid leggings, or skinny jeans, or anything tight, because you don't want to make yourself look shapeless.

This sweater is £22 from

Coloured skinny jeans:
No matter what colour, as long as it isn't your normal denim colour, coloured skinny jeans are beautiful. I love brightly, summer shade skinny jeans. It's the only time you can get away with wearing summer colours in the fall! If you wear them with heels and a blouse, you look sophisticated, but if you wear them with black boots and a tank top, you look playful and young. They're so fersatile. They suit people of all ages. Try wearing brightly coloured skinny jeans one day, and dark red or brown (Or another fall colour) skinny jean the next day using a different style look. You won't even be able to tell you're using the same style!

These jeans are £20 from

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Transitioning Summer Clothes to the Fall

Don't you hate when you have to put all your clothes at the back of your closet as it starts getting colder, even your favourite denim shorts or your favourite tank top? I've thought of a few ways that you can continue wearing them even in the fall time! ☺

The floral skirt/dress:
This is one of the hardest pieces to transition into the fall time, but once you know how to wear it, you'll be wearing it all the time.
First, pick the darkest colour on the dress/ skirt, and pair it with a belt that colour. Pair it with a pair of tights in that colour too. Next thing to do is add a pair of black or brown leather (Or faux leather) boots, depending on the other colours used. Next, add a black or brown blazer (Or a cardigan if that is more suited to your taste) in the same shade as your boots or similar. Voilah! You have the perfect fall time looking using one of your favourite summer-time pieces! (If you're using a skirt just pair this outfit with a neutral coloured tank top)

The denim shorts:
Everyone knows how to pair denim shorts with black tights with a tank top and cardigan for a simple look, and thats fine, but there are some different ways of wearing your denim shorts in the fall! First, tuck a mustard yellow, brown, or forest green (or any other fall colours you like) tank top into your denim shorts. Next, add an overzsized cardigan, one longer than the length of the shorts, in any colour that complements the colour of the tank top (E.g. with a brown tank top, you'd wear a cream cardigan) and try to use a cardigan thats chunky and warm. The fact that you're wearing a cardigan longer than your shorts plays it up to make the length of the shorts look a bit longer. Then, slip on a pair of knee high socks in any style you like, whether they're cable knit or just plain knee high socks. If you are wearing plain knee high socks, you can pair this look with some brogues or loafers. If you're wearing socks that are knit style, and a little bit thicker, I suggest wearing a pair of boots and pushing the socks down so that you only see a hint of the sock above the boot.

A tank top:
Plain tank tops in block colours are easy to transition into fall, in fact, they're quite useful, but when it comes to summery style tank tops (E.g. Ruffles, buttons, summery patterns), thats a different story. Start off by pairing your tank top with a plain skirt. Whether it's high waisted or not (If it is then tuck the tank top in) and whether it black or brown, as long as it's in a dark colour. Next, add a pair of neutral colour tights, just to keep your legs warm. Add a pair of boots, preferably in a different but matching shade to your skirt. (E.g. Brown skirt and tan boots. Black skirt and grey boots. Black skirt and dark brown boots.) Next, take a large square scarf and wrap it around your arms like a shawl. Make sure the scarf isn't patterend and is in the same colour as your skirt. Take a belt in the colour of your boots and secure it OVER your scarf. If your tank top is tucked in to a high waisted skirt, add the belt at the top of the skirt. If your tank top is over the skirt, add the belt where your ribs end. Make sure you can move your arms underneath the scarf, and you're good to go!


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Ways to Wear: The Basics

Hi and welcome to the first 'Ways To Wear.' These will tell you how to wear any pieces of clothing that you want. First I'm going to tell you how to wear you basic stable closet items.

A plain white tshirt-
A plain white tshirt is an essential to every closet. There are so many ways to wear it, and with a white tshirt, the best rule to go by is less is more. Start with a tshirt with a neckline that works for you, whether it's v-neck, scoop neck or crew neck, any will work.
To wear your tshirt casually, try pairing it with a square patterned scarf. (It's important to go with a pattern because you want to give the outfit some personality but it's up to you whether you want the pattern to be bold or conservative.) You can have the scarf loosely around your neck with you hair up to emphasise the detail of the scarf. If your tshirt is slightly see-through, you can wear a brightly coloured tank top (AKA strappy top) which matches the colour in the scarf, just so you can see a tiny hint of colour underneath the t-shirt. Pair this outfit with any pair of well fitted jeans and shoes to match the scarf. Don't wear statement earrings or a necklace, you can wear a simple bangle if the outfit looks plain.

A little black dress-
Everyone knows that all girls need a little black dress. A black dress is a great piece to own, and it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it can transition from all seasons well. It's a staple piece.
One way to wear a little black dress is to simply wear it with a waistbelt in a pretty colour such as electric blue or yellow, and pair it with some shoes in the same colour. Or if it's colder, wear a darker coloured belt, like indigo, with some indigo tights and black shoes.

Black leggings-
Everyone knows how to wear leggings with a big hoody and uggs or something casual like that, but you should be able to know how to dress them up or just a different way to wear them. Always make sure you cover your backside, and alot of people don't mind if the front isn't covered by your top or whatever but I think it looks more attractive if it is. I like when they're worn with oversized sweaters or jerseys. It also looks nice to wear a chuny knit cardigan, and pair it with a simple slip dress and ballet flats or heels or even boots if you like.

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