Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fall Fashion Haul!

Hey Style Choicers! I know it's been a while, if you hadn't guessed from my last post, I've been in a reallt difficult place emotionally and I wanted to let myself recover before I jumped straight back in, but I promise you guys, from now on, it'll be one or two (and if you're lucky, even more) posts per week. Yesterday, I have to admit, I did a little bit of therapy shopping for the fall time. I didn't tick off all of the items on my list, but I wanted to show you what I did end up getting.

First, we went to New Look, which, in my opinion, is pretty much the best (affordable) store in England. I went in looking for some cute things to wear for the fall and winter and came out with:

Peplum tops are one of the biggest fall trends out there, and I've been seeing them absalutely everywhere. Now I don't just buy things because they're in fashion, but I saw this and thought it was so muted, but so gorgeous. I put it on and it made my waist look to die for! I wore it last night by pairing it with a thin red waist belt, a pair of light wash skinny jeans, some black patent ballet flats, and a hair accessory which will be featured in a little bit. (£16.99)

I love these things. They're so comfortable, and I just wish I had a big blanket made out of this material. I realised I didn't have a good scarf for the winter, so since this wasn't expensive, I bought this. I figured it would look adorable if I'm wearing an outfit made up of white and pastels, just to add some dimension. (£7.99)

 I was lacking a good, comfy pair of slippers, and when I saw these, I absalutely fell in love. They're the cutest little things I've ever seen, and I just could not stop myself from getting them! They're the comfiest little things ever, and ever since I've got them, I haven't wanted to take them off. They make me feel like everything from Poccahontis to a little old lady and I just love them! (£9.99)

I've always loved big hair bows, and when I saw this, I absalutely fell it love with it. It's bigger than you think, and looks so cute it you use it to clip back two small sections of your hair at the back. I felt like mini mouse wearing this yesterday with the outfit I mentioned earlier! (£2.99)

Also, I got a brown donut bun shaper for £2.99 but I figured thats pretty self explanatory. After I finished doing damage in New Look, I took a trip down to H&M to do some MORE damage. I only bought a couple things here, because I didn't want to go absalutely broke.

I went into H&M knowing that (from looking in the H&M magazine) they had gorgeous knitwear. I walked into the store and straight away saw this. Doesn't it just look so cozy? I bought it in a size too big, because I tend to like my jumpers baggy. It took me a long time to decide between the mint green and the coral, but then I ended up going with the mint, because it's quite different for me. The majority of my clothes are pink, but I'm trying to start being a little more adventurous. (£19.99)

This isn't the exact cardigan I got, but I can't find the one I have on the website. (This one is for £24.99.) My cardigan is similar to this, but it's a light cream colour and has big brown wooden buttons. I love big cardigans like this, because they just make your outfit so much warmer. I can just imagine wearing this, drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies... 87 days until Christmas. Anyway, back to the point, it's comfy and I can't wait to wear it in winter! (£19.99)

That's all I got for the moment. Let me know if you want more hauls!

So I might be getting a bunny rabbit pretty soon, and I need to decide on a name! If you have any ideas, leave me a comment or send me an email.

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dealing with heartbreak

Hey style choicers. I've been quite absent for the past week, and if I'm honest, it's because I've been dealing with a rough break up. Most of us girls have gone through the feeling, and if not, well you're just lucky then. It's a feeling of being unwanted, wondering if you weren't pretty enough, funny enough, sweet enough, whatever it is that makes you feel rough, it's not true. Your mind convinces you that the reason he broke up with you was because you weren't good enough. That's totally the wrong way to think about it, because why else would he go out with you in the first place? You've got to realise that he's just not right for you. It's nothing to do with the way you look or act the majority of the time. It's tough, it really is. I honestly miss my boyfriend like crazy, but it's just life I'm afraid. Heartbreaks are what make finding the right one for you so much better. I recommend not going out and dating anyone under the sun, because this'll only make it worse for you. Every time you go out with someone, you're letting them into your heart. It shouldn't just be for the heck of it. After a break-up, I recommend boy detox. I've started boy detox, which means I'm not going to date anybody for 6 months at the least, and even when I do, I'm going to make sure I trust them with my heart. This hasn't been easy for me to write, because I'm still struggling. I dated the same person for the last 5 months, and I honestly wasn't expecting him to break my heart anytime soon. Never take love for granted.

Thanks for reading, I love you all xxx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back-2-School: The mindset

Hey style choicers! So we've all got the outfits, the makeup, and the supplies all set for starting school, but so we have the mindset? Are you ready to take back on the crazy world that we call school?

School can be very very hard. It can be challenging, not only in the classroom, but with friends, other girls, other guys, many many things make school seem like the worst thing on Earth at the time. What you need to realise is that you are so blessed to go to school. The amount of people who've never gone to school before is shocking, especially when you realise that most of those children can't even read and write. You need to realise that there are bigger issues in life than the teacher who talks for a full hour, or the girl who said you weren't pretty. Life has ups and downs, and trust me, you'll make it out alive. Remind yourself that once you finish school, you will be so glad if you tried your best, because then you can get in an amazing university, and move on to an amazing career that you love. Isn't that how you want to spend your future?

I know this post was a little more personal, but leave me a comment if you like posts like this!

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Back-2-School: Supplies

Hey style choicers! Sometimes, buying the right school supplies can be tricky, because sometimes, it's hard to tell what you do and don't need. English school and American school are very different, but I've tried to pick supplies that would be useful for all types of schooling.

  • Lots of pens. Usually, black pens are the most useful, so have about three of them. Also, red and green pens can be used for marking your work, so it's good to have one of at least one of those. You never want to be left without a pen to use. This can get you into big trouble, so make sure you've got back-ups!
  • A couple pencils. If you're going to be drawing graphs or doing art, you're going to need a few pencils to use. Make sure you always have extra, just in case!
  • A rubber (Aka eraser.) This will be helpful so you don't have to call a teacher everytime you need to rub something out. If you have your own, you don't need to borrow other peoples, which will save you a lot of time.
  • A sharpener. Make sure you're prepared. If your pencil breaks, and you've lent your back-up to someone else, this is going to come in handy.
  • A scientific calculator. Once you're in the higher school years, you're going to need  one of these. It's used in both math and science. You're going to need it on tests, and most of the time, they aren't aloud to lend you scientific calculators for tests, so you need to have one with you.
  • Highlighters. These are useful if you're doing a book study, a poem study, or anything that needs anylising. I find my highlighters ALWAYS run out halfway through the year and I need to buy more, because I use them so often for the work.
  • Ring-binders. Folders are so useful when you've got lots of worksheets that are useful for revising, or if you're doing a project that requires alot of paper. It's easy to use because you just slot the paper into the poly pocket and put it inside the folder. This means that everything is sorted together. You can keep it at home, which would probably be easier, but if you were required to take it to school for marking, it's easy to take to school aswell.

Thats the basics of school supplies that I always make sure I have, but you probably will have to make slight alterations to this depending on how your school works.

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Back-2-School: Makeup

Hey style choicers! It's hard to know the right kind of makeup to school. Everything seems either too much or too little, and you get both extremes. I think it's best to lean towards less makeup, but still wear enough to be comfortable. I'm going to show you my makeup look that I think is perfect for school.

  1. Apply concealer to spots and dark under-eye circles.
  2. Apply matte powder to  your nose, forehead and chin.
  3. Suck in your cheeks and apply blush to your cheekbones. (Make sure it's a natural colour)
  4. Add (clear?) mascara and/or brown eyeliner.
I know this makeup look is alot more natural than lots of people go for, so obviously lots of people wouldn't want to follow this, but the danger of wearing lots of makeup at a young age is underage wrinkles. Plus, piling on too much makeup results in more spots, so yes, my steps are flexible, but don't wear TOO much makeup at a young age.

This was a short post, but I'll have a longer post up soon about back-2-school supplies.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back-2-School: Accessorize your uniform

Hey style choicers! Today I wanted to talk about styling your uniform. It's tricky because there are so many boundaries, but there are small ways to stop yourself from looking completely like a clone. If you don't have a uniform, feel free to read this anyway for tips on how to add cute accents to boring outfits.

1. Add cute earrings. Most schools don't let you wear anything other than studs, but you can get some gorgeous little studs that reflect your style perfectly. You can get fun little ones from Forever 21, or you can get more expensive ones, but not too expensive, because you never know when a stud can go missing.
£3.15 from Forever 21

2. Use a school bag which expresses your style. For some schools, you can have pretty much anything for your school bag, and for others, it's very limited, but try to find a school bag which shows off the kind of things you like. Make sure it's still practical though, to fit in books, supplies, and anything else you need. You can find school bags all over the place, just look for any bag that can fit A4 paper and you're garunteed to find something your style!
£55 from (By Asos)

3. Pick some fun shoes. I've always loved looking for school schoes. The limitations are usually colour, fabric and style. The best options are usually black (faux) leather ballet flats, brogues and loafers. You can usually find some with cute little accents, like bows, zips or studs, and you can usually follow some trends with them. I love the shoes from New Look, Forever 21, and Asos.
£13.75 from Forever 21

4. Accessorize with your hair! Most of the time, the limiations on hair styles are quite limited, so you can style your hair in a way that makes you feel like yourself! Hair is a great way to show style, whether it's boho, girly, urban, rocker, whatever your style, there's always a hairstyle to match! You can add bows, hairbands, flowers, whatever you want to give your hair some extra style!

So those were 4 tips on how to stay chic in uniform! Hope you liked this, because the style of this post was a little different. Remember to vote on the new poll, these determine the kind of posts I do, and plus, I love knowing about YOU!

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back-2-School: Finding the right outfits (Non-uniform)

Hey style choicers! I figured that since it's that time of year, I should do a few back to school posts on everything from finding the right outfits, to buying the right equipment. Now I live in England, where there are school uniforms, but I figured I can do one post on styling if you  haven't got a uniform, and another post on how to accessorize your uniform if you have one.

If you're lucky enough to not have a uniform, it's still important that you dress appropriately for school. Most schools have simple rules like you can't show your shoulders or too much of your leg, so I've got 5 tips, and then I've put together an outfit for inspiration! ☺

Top tips:
1. Stick to the basics. When you go shopping for school clothes, by a bunch of simple things that can be worn with a bunch of different things. This should include: Bright coloured tshirts/tank tops, black leggings/treggings, skinny jeans (Make sure they're comfortable and in a colour thats wearable for lots of different outfits), etc.

2. Buy cute flats. Most of the time, you're not going to feel like wearing heels to school, so if you buy lots of adorable flats, boots, sneakers, etc, then you'll have no problem going without a heel everyday!

3. Try not to spend loads of money on current trends. If you blow all your school-clothes-buying money on the latest trend, you'll wear it a few times in the school year and then you'll never wear it again, so if you want to be trendy, invest in classic trends that never go out of style.

4. Explore different looks. Use old pieces that you never wear to try out different styles. If you have that old childish skirt your grandma got you, wear it with a tank top, a leather jacket, and lace up boots. It's as simple as that. There are more ways to pair something than you think when you get given something you may not like, or you buy something that you regret buying. Just be daring!

5. Tights are you're new best friend. You don't have to pack away all your shorts, skirts and dresses for the fall. To wear a summer dress/skirt into the fall, all you have to do is add a pair of tights and a cardi/jacket.

This is my boho back to school look. I love this because it's so effortless and it would be adorable with natural looking wavy hair and simple makeup. I made this on my polyvore, and I'll be doing a different style B-2-S look every day for the next few days, so if you liked this one and want to see some more, there's always a link to my polyvore below.

Thanks for reading ☺