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Christmas gift guide: For friends

Hey style choicers! I always love picking out presents for my best friends and I'm deffinately more of a present giver than reciever, because I love being creative. I wanted to share my top 3 tips on how to decide what kind of present to give, and then I'll be showing you 5 ideas to get for your friends. Read on and I hope you get some really great ideas!

Top tips for how to pick out a present for a friend:
  • Think of a private joke or something they 'famously' love. If you think of a funny memory/private joke, such as saying they LOVE a singer that they actually HATE, get them something to do with that, like a poster or a cd. Also, a lot of people have something between their friends that they're famous for loving, like, as a personal example, one of my friends is Welsh, so she famously loves anything to do with sheep (Yeah... I have some strange jokes with my friends...) so I would get her something sheep related. Sometimes, people avoid funny gifts because they worry that it won't be as funny as they'd hoped, but if you pick a private joke within your friends, it's bound to make them really happy!
  • Listen carefully. A lot of the time, someone will just say a little comment of something they wish they had or something they love, without realising that anyone would pick up on it, so the best gift buyers will try really hard to pick out those things they say. For example, if you were talking about movies and they commented saying their favourite movie, but said they haven't gotten it since it's come out the movies, then you have to write it down somewhere when they don't realise, and they would be overjoyed to see you'd gotten it for them.
  • Be creative. Even the least crafty people, you can be creative and create/alter a simple gift. This makes it more personal to the person you're giving it to. It can be anything from gluing a sparkly bow to a plain white photo frame to knitting your friend a cute little scarf. You can also do something a little less practical and order a personalised gift online.
You might not be able to follow all three of these tips, but hopefully you can be able to apply at least one to your present buying.

Ideas of presents for a friend:
  • A stocking:
I did this last year, where I got little stockings for all my friends (They don't have to be expensive. I got some super cheap ones from a craft store) and filled each stocking with some of their favourite little things. This is a really fun gift method if you want to do something a little bit fun and different, and your friends will really appreciate that! (I got things in packs of how many people I was buying for and put one of each thing in each stocking so that I wasn't spending an outragous amount of money. This present is a bit more pricey if you're buying for a lot more people, but it's good if you're only buying for between 3-6 people.)

  • A personalised christmas ornament:
There are lots of different websites where you can guy christmas tree ornaments that have a name and a year on them, and I love this idea! It's a gift that they'll treasure for lots of years to come, and I know that opening a present like that would make me extremely happy, and I'm sure your friends would think the same. It's sentimental, but can also be fun and cute at the same time. You could give this gift with some sweets or chocolates aswell to make it a bit more special. I found personalised ornaments on and they're all under £10! Amazing!

  • A gift card to the cinema:
Obviously this is a present for the movie lovers, so get this for someone who is always going to watch the newest movies coming out. Put however much you want to spend on that person on the gift card, and it's also fun to make a movie kit to go with it. To do this, get a present bag, and put in a back of unpopped popcorn, some movie snacks, a copy of their favourite movie, and then the gift card. This way, they've got a really cute themed gift. This gift is pretty pricey, so you'd want to give this to someone you're really close to. Any movie watcher would die over this gift!

  • A pampering kit
This is a present for those friends who always love to look nice. All you need to do is get a shoe box or just any medium sized box, and fill it with face masks, nail polish, skin care products, makeup/makeup brushes, a hairbrush, shampoo, bodywash, etc. Just fill it with a bunch of beauty related things that they'd love. This present would make them happy for months to come. It's a gift for a girly girl, and if you give it to someone who likes to pamper themselves, they'll fall in love with it. This gift can range in price from £10 all the way to £100 depending on how much you want to spend on the products and how many things you want to put in there.

  • A music kit
This is the gift for the people who love to listen to music. All you need is a gift bag, and fill it with an itunes giftcard or a giftcard to any music shop. Then, add a cd or two, and a pair of headphones. You could also add some merchandise of one of their favourite singers or bands, but this is only if you're looking to spend a bit more money. This gift can be as cheap as £10 if you're buying for a friend that you're not too close too. The things you include are pretty flexible, but it's really fun to just make a little kit of lots of fun little music things and any music lover will love this gift.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It was a little long, but I hope it gave you a good idea of what you want to give to your friends this christmas!

Thanks for reading! ☺




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