Sunday, 25 November 2012

I've missed you guys!

Hey style choicers! (Man, I miss saying that!) So I decided to take a break from blogging to de-stress, because I felt like my writing was becoming worse and worse. I started running out of ideas and I kept going weeks without blogging, because it started to feel like a chore trying to come up with an idea, and then having to do all the research, and then finding all the pictures etc etc etc. I decided I would take a break from my blog until Christmas time, because before my break, I was going through a really difficult time emotionally (Comment or email if you want me to talk about how I dealt with my emotions) and I wanted to wait until I felt stronger. I really missed blogging, because it gave me an outlet to express my style, and I loved that! So now, it's Christmas time (Which is SO exciting!) and I have lots of new fresh ideas to write about. I really want to try to expand the number of people who read my blog, so I'd love it if you could, tweet, blog, facebook, whatever works for you. I'm thinking of starting an Instagram so I can give you lots of outfits of the day, but comment below or email if you want to see that. I love you guys so much and I'm so excited to be back. Do you guys want to see a Christmas makeover on the blog like I had last year? Let me know about that!

Thanks for reading! ☺




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