Thursday, 7 June 2012

Your summer shoe collection

Hey style choicers! We all love to slip on our flip flops or sandals at the beginning of summer. It just gets you in the mood of the season, right? But we don't all have enough money for Sam Edelman and Steve Madden, so I'm going to talk to you about my top 5 summer shoes and give you some cheap alternatives to the designers!

5. Some neon pumps
Whether they're flats or heels, neon pumps are really in at the moment. I absalutely love them! They're perfect to wear with your coloured denim capris, or with some denim shorts and a baggy white tshirt. They're the perfect addition to your summer shoe collection, and can be dressed up or down.
On sale for £14.98 at!

4. Lace-up shoe bots
Ok, boots are deffinately for winter, but the lace up shoe boots, have such an edgy feel, that they look absalutely gorgeous paired with a flowy, girly dress. Pair them with a maxi dress to dress them up, and with a cute sundress or girly skirt for a more casual but still adorable summer look. The heel height is ridiculous, but they're so comfortable to walk in because of the large platform and the thick heel. They're more comfortable than a 4 inch heel!

£35 from

3. A pair of simple sandals
We all love our beaded and decorated sandals, but it's important to have a pair of sandals in brown, black or white. You can pair them with almost any outfit, and you'll find you can't stop wearing them! You can get them in so many styles and prices, and they're absalutely perfect for anybody.
 On sale for £6.49 at H&M!

2. A pair of summer wedges
I talked about these in my last post, so I won't go into too much detail, but they're perfect for when you want to dress up a pair of jeans or shorts, or add some comfortable summery heels to your dress, or wear them with a skirt for an adorable look! Pretty much all of your summer outfits will go great with your wedges! They're absalutely essential!
On sale for £12.49 at H&M!

1. A pair of flip flops
Ok, this ones obvious. Who can survive summer without their flip flops? The most comfortable, summery, adorable shoes for the summer. Whats a beach day without flip flops? They're so cheap, yet so perfect. You're crazy if you don't have a pair of adorable flip flops for the summer!
On sale for £1.99 at H&M!

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