Monday, 30 July 2012

Packing tips

Hey style choicers! I'm going on holiday soon, back home to NJ to visit my friends and family. I'm so excited, so I decided to do a couple holiday videos on packing, what to wear, beach tips, etc etc. I've been going abroad since I was a little kid, so I'm pretty good at packing (If I do say so myself.) I've picked up some pretty useful tips over the years.

  • Make a packing list. You never want to get to your destination and realise you forgot something, so keep a packing list so that everytime you go abroad, you know what to bring. You'll probably need to add or take away things each time because each holiday will be a little bit different, but then, you're not in danger of forgetting something important.

  • Bring lightweight clothes. It's important to remember that you have to stay under a certain weight if you want to avoid having to pay lots of money. If you need to bring thick clothes, try not to bring too many clothes, to avoid having a heavy AND stuffed suitcase.

  •  Don't put anything too valuble in your suitcase. Sometimes, things in suitcases can get stolen, and you don't want to put a laptop in there and find it stolen when you get your suitcase back. Bring your valubles in your hand luggage, because this way, they can't get stolen.

  •  If you're planning to do some shopping, bring less outfits than days you'll be there. You're going to want to wear the new clothes you bought, so take that into consideration when you're packing. You don't want to end up bringing too many clothes so you don't have enough room on the way back!

  •  Only bring essential makeup items. Limit yourself to one makeup bag, because chances are, if you're in the hot summer sun, you aren't going to want to wear buckets of makeup. Bring enough for a natural look in the day, and a more fun look for the night. Don't try to bring enough to make 30 different makeup looks!

  •  Bring versatile clothes. If you bring a couple tops, jeans, shorts etc that can be mixed in different combinations to make more than one outfit, you won't need to pack as much! As a mentioned before, the emptier your suitcase on the way there, the more shopping you can do!

 Hope these tips help you when you go abroad! Let me know any other posts you'd like me to do on the theme of holidays before I leave.

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