Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taylor Swift L4L and Polyvore

Hey Style Choicers! I've always had a polyvore account for as long as I can remember, so I've decided to connect Style Choice to my polyvore, which I made when I was quite young, so some of the sets are a little bit out-dated, but I'm going to start doing my outfit of the days, looks for less, and style experiments on my polyvore, so if you have a polyvore, make sure you follow if you've got one, and check it out regularly, because I'll make sets more often than my blog posts.
Taylor Swift L4L

 Also, I say this constantly, but remember, my gmail is always open, and I have email updates coming to my phone, so if you have any fashion problems or just need a bit of fashion advice, send me a quick email. If you want me to post my reply on the blog, I will, but I won't share your email, so make sure you include a first name. I can also give general advice, so if you're having any problems and you need help, just send me a quick email explaining your problem, and I'll reply with some advice as soon as I can. Don't worry, nothing personal will be shared on the blog, I'll keep it in my email and nobody except me and you will know you sent it. Business enquiries can also be send to my email if you have any.

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