Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mini (cheap) haul!

Hey style choicers! It's been a while (a whole week! Sorry!) becuase I've been incredibly busy preparing for my show tomorrow. I did find time to do a little bit of shopping in New Look today though, and I only got 3 things, but they were all so cheap that I just HAD to share them with you!

(These things are all from New Look, which only has stores in the UK but ships to other countries from
This tank top is a see-through striped drop arm tank top that I found when I was deperately trying to find a cute drop arm tank top that's easy to wear. Most people wear these with basic bandeus, but I'm not the kind of person who feels comfortable wearing a see-through top with a bandeu, I like to feel a little bit more covered up. I'm a bit of a tank top junkie. I have tank tops in so many colours that would look amazing under this, so I thought this would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe by adding a colourful tank top, denim shorts, and sandals.

I just said I had lots of colourful tank tops, but apparently, lots is not enough. I bought myself a coral pink tank top, which, trust me, is ALOT brighter in person. I pretty much bought this because it looked so gorgeous underneath the top above. Plus, that is my favourite colour, and I didn't already have a tank top like it, so I went ahead and bought it. It WAS only £2.49.

Ok, these shoes are absalutely adorable. I fell in love with them when I went on by BIG shopping spree, but they weren't in my size in the colour I wanted. They don't sell the colour I have anymore, so I couldn't find a picture, but mine are more light brown than orange-tan. They have a pretty low heel (so comfortable!) and yet they still add a good amount of height. Also, they look so adorable on! They're kind of like a cage-sandal wedge. They're pretty cheap for the quality, and to be honest, I just fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.

I'm so happy with my purchases, and I only spend £26 all together! Thats pretty good for a shopoholic.

Thanks for reading!☺

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