Saturday, 26 November 2011

What to wear for... Cold Weather

Here in England, the weather is getting colder, and I'm sure it is where you are too, so here are some tips on how to look fashionable but feel warm and cosy!

Going out in snowy weather:
Use layering to go out in the snow. You want to avoid getting frostbite, so try wearing your favourite knitwear sweater in any pattern you like. I like fairisle knits. Next, add your favourite jacket. This year, the big quilted jackets are actually quite in! You can get away with wearing your favourite chunky jacket. For the bottoms, just wear some skinny jeans, you could even wear coloured skinny jeans. If thats not warm enough, add tights underneath or instead of wearing skinny jeans, wear a couple pairs of leggings layered. For shoes, Uggs keep your feet nice and cosy, or you could just wear some practical boots, no heels, you'll slip! Lastly, just add a fluffy scarf, a lovely little hat and some cosy gloves! You're ready to go!

Snuggling by the fire:
When your house is almost as cold as the air outside, you need clothes to keep you cosy! Once again, we're going to work on layering up. First, start with a long sleeved plain tshirt. It can be in any colour, I quite like dark purples and indigos. Next, add any chunky knitwear. Whether it's a knit cardigan or a big jumper, it doesn't matter. If it's not too cold, you could wear a knit vest over your tshirt. Next, for the bottom, you can wear knit leggings, skinny jeans, normal leggings, just anything tight to go on the bottom, just to add that contrast. For your feet, get some thick knit socks, or even big slipper socks, then pair the outfit with a pair of uggs, and try to make sure only the tip of your socks are peeking out from under your boots. You're set to snuggle up drinking hot chocolate by the fire!

On those icy cold (But not snowy) days:
First, start off with a long sleeved thermal. It can be any pattern or colour you like. Next, add your favourite pair of jeans. Add some thick socks and then put on your favourite pair of boots. They can be any kind of boots. Next, add your favourite thick jacket. It can be a trench coat or a big padded jacket or a furry jacket or whatever you life. Add a cute beanie hat with some gloves or mittens, I quite like mittens to wear, they're nice and cosy! And you're good to go!

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