Saturday, 12 November 2011

Transitioning Summer Clothes to the Fall

Don't you hate when you have to put all your clothes at the back of your closet as it starts getting colder, even your favourite denim shorts or your favourite tank top? I've thought of a few ways that you can continue wearing them even in the fall time! ☺

The floral skirt/dress:
This is one of the hardest pieces to transition into the fall time, but once you know how to wear it, you'll be wearing it all the time.
First, pick the darkest colour on the dress/ skirt, and pair it with a belt that colour. Pair it with a pair of tights in that colour too. Next thing to do is add a pair of black or brown leather (Or faux leather) boots, depending on the other colours used. Next, add a black or brown blazer (Or a cardigan if that is more suited to your taste) in the same shade as your boots or similar. Voilah! You have the perfect fall time looking using one of your favourite summer-time pieces! (If you're using a skirt just pair this outfit with a neutral coloured tank top)

The denim shorts:
Everyone knows how to pair denim shorts with black tights with a tank top and cardigan for a simple look, and thats fine, but there are some different ways of wearing your denim shorts in the fall! First, tuck a mustard yellow, brown, or forest green (or any other fall colours you like) tank top into your denim shorts. Next, add an overzsized cardigan, one longer than the length of the shorts, in any colour that complements the colour of the tank top (E.g. with a brown tank top, you'd wear a cream cardigan) and try to use a cardigan thats chunky and warm. The fact that you're wearing a cardigan longer than your shorts plays it up to make the length of the shorts look a bit longer. Then, slip on a pair of knee high socks in any style you like, whether they're cable knit or just plain knee high socks. If you are wearing plain knee high socks, you can pair this look with some brogues or loafers. If you're wearing socks that are knit style, and a little bit thicker, I suggest wearing a pair of boots and pushing the socks down so that you only see a hint of the sock above the boot.

A tank top:
Plain tank tops in block colours are easy to transition into fall, in fact, they're quite useful, but when it comes to summery style tank tops (E.g. Ruffles, buttons, summery patterns), thats a different story. Start off by pairing your tank top with a plain skirt. Whether it's high waisted or not (If it is then tuck the tank top in) and whether it black or brown, as long as it's in a dark colour. Next, add a pair of neutral colour tights, just to keep your legs warm. Add a pair of boots, preferably in a different but matching shade to your skirt. (E.g. Brown skirt and tan boots. Black skirt and grey boots. Black skirt and dark brown boots.) Next, take a large square scarf and wrap it around your arms like a shawl. Make sure the scarf isn't patterend and is in the same colour as your skirt. Take a belt in the colour of your boots and secure it OVER your scarf. If your tank top is tucked in to a high waisted skirt, add the belt at the top of the skirt. If your tank top is over the skirt, add the belt where your ribs end. Make sure you can move your arms underneath the scarf, and you're good to go!


Thanks for reading! ♥

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