Sunday, 20 November 2011

What to wear for...Thanksgiving!

Hi guys, I know it's been a while, I apoligize, I've been so busy this week, you wouldn't believe. I'm trying to make this channel useful for people all over the globe, so today I'll be writing about what you should wear for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is so cheerful, and it's just amazing to be around your family at the dinner table being thankful for all of the ways you've been blessed.
I think Thanksgiving shouldn't be about looking ridiculously fashionable or mature for your age or anything like that. It's about looking appropriate, pretty, comfortable and happy.

Outfit 1 - Fairly Festive:
To look festive, try wearing fall colours, such as browns, auburns, mustard yellows, oranges, reds, just any colours that remind you of fall. Start out your outfit with a bold fall colour in any piece of your choice, and built the outfit around that piece. This is always the easiest way to make an outfit. Deffinately only use one daring colour in your outfit. If you add anymore, you'll end up looking like a decoration to hang on the wall.

Outfit 2 - Cute Comfortable:
To look cute yet comfortable, try wearing chunky knitwear. It's warm, it's comfy and yet it's extremly adorable. Pair it with a comfy pair of leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, a tight skirt, just anything tight to bring that contrast into your outfit. If you wear the right outfits, you don't have to put fashion before comfort!

Outfit 3 - Pretty Practical:
For this outfit, you need to aim to look feminine and pretty, yet practical at the same time. Try to find a chiffon or floaty piece to start out your outfit. Try not to make it too summery. Next, add a tougher leather piece to your outfit. It could be a leather jacket, or some leather leggings, or some tough boots, anything that suits your style, but make sure you aren't showing much skin. The tough piece will make your outfit look less princess and more chic, but you'll still look pretty as long as your showcasing your flowy piece. Don't wear heels with this outfit, and don't add too heavy jewelry  or belts. Don't overdue the rest of the outfit, just to keep you looking practical.

Thanks for reading! ♥

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