Saturday, 12 November 2011

Affordable Fall Fashions

One of my favourite things about fashion is you can be wearing a £50 dress and stand next to a girl wearing a £300 dress and you can still look just as amazing. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive to be gorgeous. I'll be sharing some of my favourite fashions for this fall time, and sharing where you can find them cheap.

Leather shorts:
Leather shorts are absalutely gorgeous. They're stylish, yet daring, and really easy to wear. I've seen them as cheap as £15 using faux leather. They don't need to be real leather to look and feel real. They can be dressed up or down, and still keep you warm for the fall.
Dressing them up:
Pair your leather shorts with a chiffon blouse tucked in and some simple black heels. If you match this outfit with a black clutch and gold earrings, you're ready to go to any formal event. You can wear skin coloured tights to keep your legs warm.
Dressing them down:
To dress them down, pair them with a big chunky sweater to keep you nice and toasty, and wear this with brogues or loafers. Once again, skin coloured tights can be worn.
When wearing leather shorts, it looks really amazing to use a contrast in fabric. I love pairing leather with chiffon and chunky knit pieces.

These shorts were only £16.75 from Forever 21

Chunky knits:
Whether it's a sweater, a cardigan, a dress, or even a pair of socks, chunky knits are so feminine and yet so fun to wear. They're so practical because of the warmth and comfort, yet so in fashion at the moment. These can be worn well when you want to look casual but yet so pretty.
I like the look of pairing a chunky knit sweater with liquid leggings, or skinny jeans, or anything tight, because you don't want to make yourself look shapeless.

This sweater is £22 from

Coloured skinny jeans:
No matter what colour, as long as it isn't your normal denim colour, coloured skinny jeans are beautiful. I love brightly, summer shade skinny jeans. It's the only time you can get away with wearing summer colours in the fall! If you wear them with heels and a blouse, you look sophisticated, but if you wear them with black boots and a tank top, you look playful and young. They're so fersatile. They suit people of all ages. Try wearing brightly coloured skinny jeans one day, and dark red or brown (Or another fall colour) skinny jean the next day using a different style look. You won't even be able to tell you're using the same style!

These jeans are £20 from

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