Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ways to Wear: The Basics

Hi and welcome to the first 'Ways To Wear.' These will tell you how to wear any pieces of clothing that you want. First I'm going to tell you how to wear you basic stable closet items.

A plain white tshirt-
A plain white tshirt is an essential to every closet. There are so many ways to wear it, and with a white tshirt, the best rule to go by is less is more. Start with a tshirt with a neckline that works for you, whether it's v-neck, scoop neck or crew neck, any will work.
To wear your tshirt casually, try pairing it with a square patterned scarf. (It's important to go with a pattern because you want to give the outfit some personality but it's up to you whether you want the pattern to be bold or conservative.) You can have the scarf loosely around your neck with you hair up to emphasise the detail of the scarf. If your tshirt is slightly see-through, you can wear a brightly coloured tank top (AKA strappy top) which matches the colour in the scarf, just so you can see a tiny hint of colour underneath the t-shirt. Pair this outfit with any pair of well fitted jeans and shoes to match the scarf. Don't wear statement earrings or a necklace, you can wear a simple bangle if the outfit looks plain.

A little black dress-
Everyone knows that all girls need a little black dress. A black dress is a great piece to own, and it doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it can transition from all seasons well. It's a staple piece.
One way to wear a little black dress is to simply wear it with a waistbelt in a pretty colour such as electric blue or yellow, and pair it with some shoes in the same colour. Or if it's colder, wear a darker coloured belt, like indigo, with some indigo tights and black shoes.

Black leggings-
Everyone knows how to wear leggings with a big hoody and uggs or something casual like that, but you should be able to know how to dress them up or just a different way to wear them. Always make sure you cover your backside, and alot of people don't mind if the front isn't covered by your top or whatever but I think it looks more attractive if it is. I like when they're worn with oversized sweaters or jerseys. It also looks nice to wear a chuny knit cardigan, and pair it with a simple slip dress and ballet flats or heels or even boots if you like.

Hope you enjoyed! ♥

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