Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shoes for Winter

Fall is easy to figure out what shoes you wear, you just need a pair of brown boots and your pretty much good for the whole of fall, but winter isn't so simple. With the snow, the ice, the cold, the Christmas festivities, the parties, everything needs a different pair of shoes, so I'll be giving you advice on what kind of shoe will be perfect for you.

Snow and ice:
You need to stay safe at the same time as looking great, so I suggest wearing some Uggs, or any boots without a heel and if you feel like you'll probably slip, try and find boots with a tread on the bottom. Your boots can be in any colour for the winter, black to red to leapord print, you can be as daring or as simple as you like!

Christmas festivities:
Whether it's Christmas shopping, getting together with the family, going to a Christmas market/festival, you should wear shoes that give you comfort, warmth, and you feel like they look cute too. When I put those words together, the first kind of shoe that comes into my mind are fluffy moccasins. They're so cute, so warm, so comfortable, and the perfect shoe for Christmas festivities. You can get expensive Ugg moccasins, which are great quality and offer alot of comfort, or you can go for the cheaper moccasins, which may not offer the same quality, but they're still comfortable and warm.

Christmas/New Years parties:
For the festive parties that come with winter, you need some gorgeous heels that still offer a bit of comfort. I suggest going for a pair of heels that (Going a bit science-y on you here now) have a larger surface area. That way, the pressure of wearing heels is spread throughout the shoe, because (especially on New Years) you'll be wearing those shoes for a heck of a long time. I'm quite into platforms, mary janes, and bold heels at the moment. Whatever your style, you can go for a heel that suits you.

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