Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Present Ideas!

I know you read this blog for fashion advice, but I've decided to take a little break from that just to talk about gift ideas this Christmas. I'll talk about gifts for all sorts of different people. Here goes!

Presents for good friends:
Try putting together a little stocking for all of your friends! First, start off with a small stocking. Not too small, but not the size of a normal stocking. I found some in my local craft store, Hobbycraft, but you'll probably be able to find them in any craft store or pound shop/dollar store near you. Next, find things that come in packs of however many people your making stockings for, so say if you were making stockings for 6 people, you could get 1 pack of 6, 2 packs of 3, or 3 packs of 2. Find lots of different things like this, like lipglosses, nailpolishes, candy canes, chocolates, all sorts. You can split these between the stockings. I suggest getting chocolate coins to put at the bottom of each stocking. I garuntee your friends will love this gift!

Presents for best friend:
If you've known your best friend for a while, why don't you buy a bulletin board with some wrapping paper which matches her room theme, and then some ribbon that complements the wrapping paper. Cover the cork on the bulletin board with the wrapping paper, and then cut the ribbon into pieces that fit across the bulletin board diagonally. Use the ribbon to make a diagonal checkers affect on the board, and use some bulletin board pins to hold the ribbon in place where the lines cross eachother. Next, get pictures of you and your best friend, and tuck them under the ribbons above a pin.

Presents for boyfriend:
Getting presents for your boyfriend is tough, but in my opinion, the best and most reliable thing to do is give him something sentimental, like a picture album with all of your favourite pictures of you both together in, or a poem written by you, or a scrapbook with all of your favourite memories in it. If maybe you haven't been going out with him long enough to have all of the supplies to do so, then try getting him something that will make him laugh, like a novelty mug or t-shirt. If you think none of these things will work at all, just get him a yummy box of chocolates! Try the ones from Thorntons, and if you order online, you can design the box and pick which chocolates go into it!

For your Mom:
Moms are not USUALLY that hard to buy for. Alot of times, they're just thankful no matter what, but it's nice to give them something meaningful. I think the best option with moms is to give them a pretty piece of jewelery. Maybe give her one of the crystal and cord ball bracelets (AKA Swarovski shamballa bracelets) which have randomly hit the runways this season. Depending on how much you're willing to spend on your mom, you can find these between £10 and about £50. You could also buy her a pandora bracelet, and if she has one, maybe just a couple charms. If you don't want to give her a bracelet, moms are suckers for lockets with pictures of their sons and daughters in. If you give her one of them, she'll most likely wear it almost every day.

For your Dad:
Dads are a bit trickier to buy for, but alot of times, they'll like whatever you give them anyways. Why don't you try giving him a dvd or a book? Alot of times, Bear Grylls books are a good dad success, and if you're looking for DVD's, try something that maybe your dad went to see in the cinema and liked but still hasn't bought, like Captain America or Iron Man. If you want to give your dad a bigger present than a book or a dvd, think of all of his hobbies, and then search for things that he doesn't yet own that would help him with his favourite hobby, e.g. if he liked writing you could get him a nice fountain pen, or if he likes football, you could get him a new training kit.

For your brother:
Brothers are possibly the hardest people to buy for, because if they don't like something, they usually won't be afraid to tell you, so nice and simple, I say the best thing to do for a brother, is to just simply ask them what they want. Ask them for 3 or 4 different things so that you can pick one, and they still don't quite know what they're getting. If they can't think of anything, maybe get them a game for their computor or games console. Get them a game which you think they'll enjoy depending on their age.

For your sister:
Sisters are easy to buy for, but everything really comes down to age with sisters, because the things that girls like are changing constantly as they grow older, so I'll give you ideas for lots of different ages.
1-6: A soft toy or doll. I like the soft toys from ty because they're great for toddlers.
7-10: A barbie/Bratz. Girls this age love to pretend that their dolls are 'teenage girls' because thats the age where you're just longing to be a teenager, so get them a doll which they can dress up to look modern and 'grown-up'
11-15: Try getting them something for their bedroom or some nice shoes, or you could even get them a top/bag that they've been asking for.
16+: I suggest buying them some nice makeup. The makeup by Benefit is great quality.

For your extended family: (Grandmas, grandads, aunts, uncles, cousins etc)
For your extended family, you always want to get them something that they'll like but it isn't too expensive. Get them a book, a cd, a movie, or even just a mug full of their favourite goodies. If you really don't know what to buy someone, just get them a gift card for their favourite shop! Don't worry, thats socially acceptable with extended family!

I know this was a long post, but thanks for reading! ☺

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