Friday, 23 December 2011

What to wear for... Christmas Day!

It's almost Christmas everybody! Only 2 more sleeps to go! I'm going to be giving you a little guide as to what kind of clothes to wear on Christmas day. I think that no matter who you're spending it with, even if it's your boyfriend or your best friend, the main thing is to be conservative, because Christmas isn't about wearing a tiny skirt and a crop top, but I'll also say that everybody likes to look nice on Christmas day so you don't want to wear a big frumpy jumper and some trackie bottoms or yoga pants.
I'll give you 3 basic outfit suggestions, just for ideas!

Outfit 1 - For the girly girl:
♣ Start off with a little slip dress. Make sure it's quite short, you'll be layering over it! have some gorgeous ones with lovely detail. Try a long sleeved one if you want to look mature and festive.
♣ Next, add a high waisted skirt. Make sure the hem of the skirt is longer than the hem of the dress. You don't want to be able to tell it's a dress! You can find nice skirts in Forever 21
♣ Next, add some tights. If your dress is complicated and your skirt is simple, add some fun tights. Your tights can be star print or lace or whatever print you like. If your dress is simple and your skirt is complicated, just go with block colour tights in black, skin coloured, navy, or whatever colour will match. New Look have a great range of tights.
♣ Lastly, every nice outfit has some killer shoes. I love the idea of adding a little sparkle to your outfit with some glittery heels. The best bet is to go with a platform if you want a high heel, because platforms make your shoes easier to walk in. If you don't want to wear sparkly heels, just wear some shiny leather, satin, or suede heels with your outfit.

Outfit 2 - For the rocker/skater/tomboy girl:
♣ Start off by wearing a black tank top and your favourite dark wash skinny jeans.
♣ Next, add a lace top. I like the long sleeved see-through ones sold at, forever 21 and punkyfish. (And there's more places you can buy them at aswell!)
♣ Next, add some gorgeous heels. I recomend sticking with black heels in any style you like.

Outfit 3 - For the stylish girl:
♣ Start off with a black high waisted mini skirt. It can be any shape you want. You can find some nice skirts in forever 21.
♣ Next, add a pretty, flowy blouse. I live blouses with unexpected details, like lace on the shoulders or embellishments on the back. Tuck your blouse into your skirt and loosen it up a little bit.
♣ Next, add some patterened tights in any pattern that suits the same style as the blouse.
♣ Lastly, just like I've suggested in the other 2 outfits, add a killer pair of heels. Match the colour of the heels to the colour of the blouse.

Thanks for reading! ☺

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