Sunday, 4 December 2011

Requested: Layering

I got a request from someone named Isabella to do a blog post about layering, so I'll talk about layering for the winter time. Layering is important if you want to wear anything with short sleeves, anything short, anything summery all in the wintertime, otherwise you'd only be able to wear big fluffy things in winter and nothing else. First, I'll talk about layering with 2 pieces, then 3, and then layering with your bottoms.

Layering with 2 pieces:
Layering with 2 pieces is easy, you simply can just start off with a long sleeved top in any colour, but I'd say to stick with a neutral. E.g. Black, white, grey, brown. I'd suggest sticking to a crew neck.
Next, add a cosy vest. Vests are very in at the moment, I love knit vests, fluffy vests, anything works. Now you'll notice that the vest takes awayy from your shape, so I suggest you add a belt that complements the colours you've used, but you can always add a belt that adds a pop of colour, like a red belt or a green belt.

Layering with 3 pieces:
Now layering with 3 pieces can be a bit harder, but I'm going to start off with using the tip I gave in a previous blog post, about using a coloured tank top underneath a white one, so start off with a brightly coloured tank top. I'm going to use red as an example. Next, add a white tank top over the top. Try and get a tank top with a different neckline to the colourful one, because then the colourful tank top can be vagely seen above your white tank top. Next, add a cardigan. You can just wear a normal cardigan, but for this outfit I like to use a detailed knit cardigan. You'll notice again that you've lost the shape within the layers, so once again, use a belt right at your waist. I like to use a belt in the same colour as the colourful tank top, but if you don't own a belt in the same colour, don't worry, just use a neutral coloured belt.

Layering with bottoms:
In the winter, I find I always miss my denim shorts and skirts, but an easy tip is to just add some really cool tights. I love lace tights,  I love knit tights, I love patterned tights, and you can wear all of these with shorts and skirts and dresses. You can also add brightly coloured tights, which will keep your legs warmer, and look really cute with just a black skirt or black slip dress and some black boots, ballet flats, heels, anything. Easy. I'm sure alot of people knew to wear tights, but incase you didn't, time to get the summer skirts back out!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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