Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back-2-School: Finding the right outfits (Non-uniform)

Hey style choicers! I figured that since it's that time of year, I should do a few back to school posts on everything from finding the right outfits, to buying the right equipment. Now I live in England, where there are school uniforms, but I figured I can do one post on styling if you  haven't got a uniform, and another post on how to accessorize your uniform if you have one.

If you're lucky enough to not have a uniform, it's still important that you dress appropriately for school. Most schools have simple rules like you can't show your shoulders or too much of your leg, so I've got 5 tips, and then I've put together an outfit for inspiration! ☺

Top tips:
1. Stick to the basics. When you go shopping for school clothes, by a bunch of simple things that can be worn with a bunch of different things. This should include: Bright coloured tshirts/tank tops, black leggings/treggings, skinny jeans (Make sure they're comfortable and in a colour thats wearable for lots of different outfits), etc.

2. Buy cute flats. Most of the time, you're not going to feel like wearing heels to school, so if you buy lots of adorable flats, boots, sneakers, etc, then you'll have no problem going without a heel everyday!

3. Try not to spend loads of money on current trends. If you blow all your school-clothes-buying money on the latest trend, you'll wear it a few times in the school year and then you'll never wear it again, so if you want to be trendy, invest in classic trends that never go out of style.

4. Explore different looks. Use old pieces that you never wear to try out different styles. If you have that old childish skirt your grandma got you, wear it with a tank top, a leather jacket, and lace up boots. It's as simple as that. There are more ways to pair something than you think when you get given something you may not like, or you buy something that you regret buying. Just be daring!

5. Tights are you're new best friend. You don't have to pack away all your shorts, skirts and dresses for the fall. To wear a summer dress/skirt into the fall, all you have to do is add a pair of tights and a cardi/jacket.

This is my boho back to school look. I love this because it's so effortless and it would be adorable with natural looking wavy hair and simple makeup. I made this on my polyvore, and I'll be doing a different style B-2-S look every day for the next few days, so if you liked this one and want to see some more, there's always a link to my polyvore below.

Thanks for reading ☺




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