Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back-2-School: The mindset

Hey style choicers! So we've all got the outfits, the makeup, and the supplies all set for starting school, but so we have the mindset? Are you ready to take back on the crazy world that we call school?

School can be very very hard. It can be challenging, not only in the classroom, but with friends, other girls, other guys, many many things make school seem like the worst thing on Earth at the time. What you need to realise is that you are so blessed to go to school. The amount of people who've never gone to school before is shocking, especially when you realise that most of those children can't even read and write. You need to realise that there are bigger issues in life than the teacher who talks for a full hour, or the girl who said you weren't pretty. Life has ups and downs, and trust me, you'll make it out alive. Remind yourself that once you finish school, you will be so glad if you tried your best, because then you can get in an amazing university, and move on to an amazing career that you love. Isn't that how you want to spend your future?

I know this post was a little more personal, but leave me a comment if you like posts like this!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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