Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back-2-School: Accessorize your uniform

Hey style choicers! Today I wanted to talk about styling your uniform. It's tricky because there are so many boundaries, but there are small ways to stop yourself from looking completely like a clone. If you don't have a uniform, feel free to read this anyway for tips on how to add cute accents to boring outfits.

1. Add cute earrings. Most schools don't let you wear anything other than studs, but you can get some gorgeous little studs that reflect your style perfectly. You can get fun little ones from Forever 21, or you can get more expensive ones, but not too expensive, because you never know when a stud can go missing.
£3.15 from Forever 21

2. Use a school bag which expresses your style. For some schools, you can have pretty much anything for your school bag, and for others, it's very limited, but try to find a school bag which shows off the kind of things you like. Make sure it's still practical though, to fit in books, supplies, and anything else you need. You can find school bags all over the place, just look for any bag that can fit A4 paper and you're garunteed to find something your style!
£55 from (By Asos)

3. Pick some fun shoes. I've always loved looking for school schoes. The limitations are usually colour, fabric and style. The best options are usually black (faux) leather ballet flats, brogues and loafers. You can usually find some with cute little accents, like bows, zips or studs, and you can usually follow some trends with them. I love the shoes from New Look, Forever 21, and Asos.
£13.75 from Forever 21

4. Accessorize with your hair! Most of the time, the limiations on hair styles are quite limited, so you can style your hair in a way that makes you feel like yourself! Hair is a great way to show style, whether it's boho, girly, urban, rocker, whatever your style, there's always a hairstyle to match! You can add bows, hairbands, flowers, whatever you want to give your hair some extra style!

So those were 4 tips on how to stay chic in uniform! Hope you liked this, because the style of this post was a little different. Remember to vote on the new poll, these determine the kind of posts I do, and plus, I love knowing about YOU!

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