Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The best pancake toppers

Hi style choicers! In the UK and Canada, it's pancake day today. The tradition started when people wanted to use up all of their ingredients before lent, so that they weren't tempted to eat them. Even if you don't celebrate pancake day, everyone enjoys pancakes (Crepes.) There are so many topping choices, but these are my favourites:

The banana split:
Slice some thin slices of banana and place then in a line across the middle of the pancake
Add some chocolate syrup, just spread it in a line ontop of the banana slices
Scoop some vanilla ice cream on top of the other toppings
Roll your up pancake and enjoy!

The cosy fire-side pancake:
(Named this because it tastes so yummy and makes you imagine you were cuddled by the fire in some fuzzy slippers)
Peel and slice an apple and add it into a pot
Sprinkle some cinnamon on the apples and leave them on the stove on a middle setting for about 10 minutes
When they're done, line them up across your pancake in the center
Add maple syrup across the tops of the apple
Roll up as before and enjoy!

Sweet and sour... pancakes?:
(A simple, easy and popular one, but I just had to include it!)
Add a teaspoon of sugar spread around your pancake
Take some lemon juice (Either packaged or squeezed from lemons yourself for a healthier and more natural tasting pancake) and squirt it over the sugar so that the sugar appears dissolved, but make sure you get the balance right!
Roll your pancake and enjoy!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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