Friday, 24 February 2012

Dealing with mean people

Hey style choicers! Today I'm going to be talking about something everybody can relate to. I know how it feels to have someone be just plain mean to you. Everyone has those times where you just think: "What person in the right mind thinks it's ok to act like that?" and it's even worse when that person is doing something wrong to you, and even when it's over, you just feel horrible. I've had those times recently, and I wanted to tell you how I deal with it so that next time, you can cheer yourself up too.

  • Tell someone. Don't annoy them by frequently complaining about it, but if somebody (Whether you know them or not) does something to make you sad or angry or annoyed, just tell anybody. A sibling, a friend or a parent, it doesn't matter who you tell, but they'll be there to help you feel better.
  • Don't do mean things to other people. Sometimes, when people do something to make us angry, we go and do something to someone else, but don't carry on the cycle! Chances are, if you do something rude to somebody else, it'll only make you feel guilty instead of feeling better.
  • Smile at the people who mistreat you. If say someone pushes infront of you, next time they look at you, just smile at them. It'll make them regret what they've done to you most likely.
  • Follow your conscience, not your instinct. Your conscience would tell you to ask them politely to not do that again, your instinct would tell you to start an argument.
  • Don't judge them. Our initial reaction is to always think they're a horrible person, but you never know, behind the scenes, they could be having serious family problems and the only reason they act that way is because it helps ease the pain, so don't be too quick to call them a terrible person.

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