Thursday, 2 February 2012

Inspired by... The 60's

Hi style choicers! Today I'm doing another Inspired By post, and this time, I'm going to be showing you how to wear an outfit inspired by the 60's without looking too crazy. The 60's were known for the amazingly original sense of style, especially for the women! I loved the style in the 60's, so I'm going to be showing you an outfit I found which reflects the 60's, but also reflects young and modern style.

Finding a 60's dress, you want to find an adorable little mini dress without much shape to. Some other cute assets are peter pan colours and buttons.
I've found two different dresses from One is more chic but a little more expensive, and the other is cuter and cheaper.
£38 from (By Vero Moda)
£27 from (By Asos)

Shoes are a big thing in the 60's. Of course you could go all out with big white boots, but we want to stay looking modern and not too authentic, because we still want to keep this as an outfift, not a costume. I've found some T-bar ballet flats in nude to match whatever colour dress you pick.
£25 froms (By Asos)

At the moment, collars are really big. I suggest only wearing one if the dress has a high neck and no neck detailing. Wear a collar in a contrasting colour to the dress.
£10 from (This colour is only available in England and Australia, but you could easily cut a collar off an unwanted shirt and decorate it with beads etc! Comment if you want a post on this)

And there you have an adorable 60's inspired outfit!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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