Sunday, 5 February 2012

Save or splurge? Brand Names

Today, I'm doing a second edition of Save Or Splurge. Last time, I talked about basic things, but today, I'm talking about whether you should splurge on the big brand names or save with a cheaper alternitive. Leave me a comment for other 'Save or splurge?' ideas below!

Alexander Wang-
 Alexander Wang pieces are so original! They can be so difficult to find duplicates for the pieces, so if you see an Alexander Wang piece that you can't take your eyes off and you're willing to spend the money, go for it!

Band of Outsiders-
Save! Band of Outsiders is a less popular brand, but that's not why it's a save! The clothes are very similar to other cheap pieces I've seen in high street stores! I suggest looking at their pieces and if you find one you really love, do lots of research so you can spend alot less money on something very similar!

Betsey Johnson-
Splurge! Deffinately! I don't know if you're aware of my love for Betsey Johnson, but the pieces they sell are so intricate and original! I remember when I made a blog post on the Betsey Johnson Spring collection, and I had to find duplicates for the outfits, and it was so hard, because everything is so original! The Betsey Johnson clothes can't be relaced!

Save! I do really have a love for DKNY, because I love how their clothes are sophisticated with a fun edge, but I do think that you can find cheaper versions of the clothes they sell. I would say to deffinately splurge when it comes to their purses and bags though! They're so quirky!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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