Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Quick Tip (Non-fashion related): "Fake" nails

Hi style choicers! I apoligize if you're missing the fashion posts, but I've got a couple ideas for when Valentines gets closer. I'm going to tell you how I get my nails to look like fake nails, when they aren't! I'm always having people ask me if I have fake nails on!

1. Instead of cutting your nails every time they grow a tiny bit above your fingertip, file them once a  week and let them grow to a nice length. Let them grow a bit longer without letting them look strange. Make sure you file them to a clean arch shape.
2. Keep your nails healthy. Eat healthy foods, ALWAYS avoid smoking (Because your nails aren't the only things smoking wrecks) and just keep your nails looking nice and white (Yellow nails are a sign of unhealthiness)
3. Keep your nails clean. Make sure you dont get things underneath your nails, always clean your nails with soap when your washing your hands.
4. Paint your nails. You can give yourself a french manicure or just paint them a clean colour, but make sure it looks neat. You dont want gorgeous nails with a messy manicure!
5. For the overall look of elegant hands, keep your hands hydrated with hand cream!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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