Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catwalk Recreations

Hey style choicers! It's been a while since I recreated designer looks from the runway, but I was just looking through the fall collections for 2012 and I saw a few looks I'd love to re-create.

Look 1-
Ok, I'm totally kidding about that one. This is from the Marc Jacobs runway and he went for a totally crazy and creative runway, but trust me, you should never wear that around the street!

The REAL Look 1-
This look is by Betsey Johnson (If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know how much I LOVE her!) and I love how she's used the usually sophisticated tweed look to make a fun and creative outfit. This is why I love Betsey Johnson! Obviously you're not going to be able to find a mint green tweed jacket with bright pink and orange pom poms anywhere else, but I looked for a fun looking tweed jacket.

Jacket and skirt combo-
£45 for skirt and jacket from Topshop
I love the colour of this tweed. It's fun and quirky, just like Betsey Johnsons design. Black trims are used to tone the outfit. Can you  see the hints of blue/purple? Who would think to pair orange with a bluey purple colour? Thats what I love about this set.

Tank top-
£2.50 from Forever21
This tank top co-ordinates perfectly with the jacket and skirt because of the hints of blue. It gives you the same daring look as Betsey Johnson's without going neon pink, and making sure you're clashing but still complementing.

£10 from
These really don't need an explanation, they look just like the tights from the catwalk and are adroable yet  affordable.

On sale for £63.50 from by Oasis
These boots are a little but expensive, but very similar to the ones from the runway, comfortable, practical, and so cute! These boots would make the outfit more casual, while still being work appropriate. These boots would give you comfort throughout a whole work day!

On sale for £21.50 from by Lowie
This hat is so cute! You can just imagine wearing this in Paris, right? It's real cashmere and on sale from £50! It gives the outfit a subtle yet quirky feature, and just finishes everything off! I know this hat isn't everyones style, and the outfit still works without it, so this is probably optional, but if you choose to go without, tie your hair up into a sleek bun or ponytail.

Look 2-
This look is by Rachel Comey, who designs monotone and simple outfits, that are work appropriate, yet still sleek and original. I love this outfit. It's so simple, and thats what I love about it. The fact that it DOESN'T have a pop of colour makes it even louder than if it DID. This is because it's so crisp whites and creams so that makes it so original, so I suggest staying away from a pop of colour in the outfit, but instead, add it in the makeup. Maybe add some bright red lipstick to keep it sophisticated.

£13.75 from Forever21
This is such a simple piece to have, and it can be quite easy to wear if you own the right stuff. I found it quite hard to find something like this though, so if you have a white long sleeve shirt, just roll the sleeves up to 3 quarter length and you'll get a similar effect.

£16.75 from Forever21
Obviously these aren't as simple as the ones from the runway, but these are alot more flattering to more body shapes, where as the ones in the picture are a bit harder to pull off. These still keep the outfit simple, but they make you look like you have a great body.

£35 from
These boots are so cute! They aren't as dramatic and hard to wear as the Rachel Comey boots, but they're simple and cute and neutral. These boots also complicate the paperbag trousers better than boots in the same style as the  runway boots. These would really give the outfit a finishing touch.

£1.50 from Forever21 (Alot of this outfit is forever21!)
If you look at the picture carefully, you see that the model is wearing tiny little black studs. The tiny little touch of a dark colour is hardly noticable, but when you do notice it, it makes the outfit a little bit cuter. I love these studs! They're so cute yet so cheap! You want people to notice you're wearing earrings, and I think this outfit  would look super cute with maybe a fishtail braid or any other feminine hairstyles to take away from the masculinity of the shirt.

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