Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Fashion Haul!

Hey guys! I'm sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days, I've been super busy, and yesterday, I was super busy shopping... All day. I'm  a bit of a shopoholic if I'm honest, and it shows when you put me in a mall with up to £250 to spend. Obviously I didn't spend it all, but if I had more time, I deffinately would have.

Forever 21-

The first thing I got, I'm not able to find it on the website, but it was a bright orange loose crop top with lace inserts on the shoulders. I bought it because it's just a simple piece thats easy to wear. You simply just throw it on over some shorts and add some sandals, maybe a few accessories, and you've got an effortless but adorable outfit!

This picture really doesn't do the shirt any justice. I couldn't find the right colour online, but mine is a bright turquoise colour instead of a cobalt blue. Also, mine is a little oversized on me because the lack of clothes coming in my size in Forever 21, so on me (And I think it looks nicer this way) the sleeves hit below my elbows, which make it a little less safari and I little more Spring. I paired this in an outfit with the shorts coming later on in the haul!

I fell in love with this fedora as soon as I saw it. The only difference for this piece is that the  ribbon is polka dotted instead of the stripes. It's so cute, and I can just imagine wearing it with some adorable shorts and being safe from the sun, but also, looking so cute! These sorts of hats do suit me because I have a full fringe, which makes the hat look more laid back and fun.

 If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know that I've been searching for a brown bag. I was looking for a nice more expensive bag, but then I realised that I didn't need a big fancy bag, because all I really need is my purse and my phone most of the time, so when I found this (mine is extremely similar to this one except it has braiding detail around the side and no zip on the front, but they're both from Forever 21) I was very happy. It's the perfect size, colour, material, and it feels very good quality for around £13! I'm so happy with this purchase!

I am absalutely in love with this ring. It's so adorable! When I look at it, I just instantly think of summer, don't you? The combination of colours is absalutely genius, and honestly? This is the one thing I bought that I didn't think to go through my rules of: Only get it if you know exactly what to wear it with.

 (Shorts) I've been looking for some white shorts that can be dressed up or down. I wasn't very sceptical going into H&M, because I thought they'd only have casual shorts, and none like the ones I found. They're linen blend, so they're extremely soft and comfortable, and they have a very sophisticated edge to them, which I like. These shorts look amazing with my new Forever 21 tops, and they also look adorable with my fedora! They are great quality, even though they were only £15!

I couldn't find a picture from the H&M website, but these are another version of what I got. I got a pack of 6 earrings. 3 sets of pearl studs (Black, dark pink, pale pink) and three sets of feather earrings (Same colours) for £4! The colours were beautiful, and I was so happy about the price for 6 pairs of earrings. I love feather earrings. They have a certain boho edge to them, which I love.

I'll be the first to admit, claires isn't exactly the most stylish store, but I was just casually looking around, when I saw this purse, and I fell in love with it! The subtle floral print on the front, the colour, the fabric, and the design. It's sophisticated with a hint of cute and fun style to it. It fits perfectly into my new bag, and is extremely practical. There's lots of room for change (And I mean ALOT of room) and loads of slots for cards. It's great! And it was £12 from claires! It shows you don't need to spend alot to buy nice, good quality products!

I walked into Republic not expecting to find much. I thought I would just see a couple things that were just ok but too expensive, but when I looked around, I found this beautiful skirt. It's absalutely stunning, and if you have the same eye for fashion as I do, you'll agree. It's absalutely stunning, and probably my favourite purchase of the day. I can just imagine pairing it with a navy tank top, some nude heels, a dark brown belt, and my feather earrings for going out to dinner or something. I'm totally in love with this skirt, and it's amazing quality!

So thats the end of my haul. Did you enjoy it?

Thanks for reading! ☺

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