Friday, 6 April 2012


Hey style choicers! At the moment, I am in love with satchels! They're so sophisticated, but can also be worn in a fun and spring-like way! They're so adorable, and when I first discovered them, I couldn't resist their school-girl vibe. I've been on the hunt for a gorgeous tan satchel, and I've found two that I'm absalutely in love with, but they're a bit pricey, and I was having trouble deciding which one to get, so I decided to turn to my style choicers for advice!

Satchel 1-
£65 from by French Connection

French Connection is a pretty popular brand, and it's and adorable bag. It looks pretty small from the picture, but from the other picture on, it looks about 13", which is a guess, because I could be completely wrong, but it's not too tiny. Access to the bag isn't too complicated. From what I can tell it looks like you just pull the tab out and it opens, which to some people might mean people would try to steal things from your bag, but to me, it just means if your phones ringing or you need to get your money out quickly etc, you can get to it  faster. It looks really cute, and even though £65 isn't cheap, it's cheaper than the other bag. It has a holding strap and an across body strap, but I'd only really use the across body strap, just because it's easier. I read the description, which said that there is an inner pocket, which I can't imagine being too big, but it's probably big enough to hold a phone. Overall, I think this bag is really cute, and I do love it.

Satchel 2-
£105 from by Cambridge Satchel Company

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I looked at it. I don't own any bags this expensive, so I'm pretty worried about it in that sense, but it's real leather (Sorry if you're against real leather, I love cows, but am I right in thinking that the cow was probably dead anyway so the fact that me buying the bag hasn't directly killed any cows? One person not buying a leather bag isn't going to bring a cow back to life. Please correct me if I'm wrong though) and this is absalutely stunning. I love the smooth effect, and I'll love it when the leather gets a bit worn out and it has the worn effect, which is just as cool as the smooth effect. It's pretty practical aswell. It has an adjustable strap, a pocket the perfect size for a phone or bus pass or whatever in the front, and even though the bag might take a little while to open with two buckles, it's still an adorable design because of that. I can imagine this satchel to be very good quality, because it's made by a company which was specially designed to make satchels, and I really love it.

What do you think? The cheaper but fake leather, school-girl satchel or the more expensive, leather, sophisticated satchel? I'm going to make a poll at the side and leave it up for about a week so you can vote on which back you think I should get, or comment below with other satchel suggestions!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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