Thursday, 19 April 2012

Effie Trinket inspired outfit! (The Hunger Games)

Hey style choicers! I've been to the movies to watch The Hunger Games twice in one month. I know. Weird. I loved the movie the first time, so I went to see it again! I realised that even though Effie's not meant to be a character you fall in love with, but I fell in love with her outfits! I get so excited when I see original styles, just think about how much work went into designing her overall look! Obviously nobody is going to walk around with a big pink wig on and white makeup, but we want to put across the same feel of colourful sophistication!

£35 from

£30 from Miss Selfridge

£30 from


 £27 from

Hair piece-
£3.15 from Forever 21 (Bargain!)

£28 from (By The Earring Boutique)

Everything is under £40, AND it gives you a much more sophisticated take on Effe Trinket's look, while keeping the dramatic silouhettes and bright colours in a wearable way! Will you be trying this look?

Thanks for reading! ☺


  1. i have a effie trinket inspired hunger games outfit on my beauty channel! check it out!
    just search "swirlingup effie trinket" and it should show up on my channel!

    1. Thank you for viewing my blog, but please don't advertise in a way that is unfair to me. That would be much appriciated.

      God bless ♥