Friday, 13 January 2012

Save or splurge?

Hi guys, this is my second blogpost today, but I know that I won't be able to post tomorrow or the day after, so I decided I might aswell write a second blog post!
I'm going to be talking about whether you should save or splurge on some of the items that people always disagree on. Remember, this is just my views, and if I had it my way, I'd just save on everything!

A white tshirt- Save or splurge?
Save! A white tshirt is a basic, which makes many people think: If you're going to wear it pretty much every day, splurge! It's worth the money!
But my opinion is if you can find a good quality white tshirt for £15 that works just as well as a white tshirt for £40, just get the cheaper one, because the chances are, you're white tshirt will work just fine and you'll realise if you wasted more than double the money on the more expensive tshirt, it would've been pointless. Obviously it isn't a good thing if your white tshirt is almost completely see-through, but I tend to like wearing layers over or under my white tshirt anyway, just because I feel like it makes the outfit more complete.
So I'd say save with one of Forever 21's £5 t-shirts, and if you feel like you want to spend more because you want better quality, find a £10 tee, but go no higher than £20!

Well fitted skinny jeans- Save or splurge?
Splurge. A girl only needs one pair of expensive jeans, all the rest of your skinny jeans can be savers, but for that one pair of gorgeous designer skinny jeans are essential. Jeans are one of those items that can be worn on so many different occasions, which is why you need a pair of splurge skinnies. Skinny jeans are the nicest pairs of jeans that can be paired with heels and a formal top and look gorgeous for a first date, a party, lunch with friends, whatever the event, and your pair of splurge jeans should be the ones you wear when you want to look formal. Don't splurge too much. I'd say about £150 to the very max. Your splurge skinnies should have gorgeous details which make them formal and worth the money!
(The jeans above are Levi's)

Little black dress- Save or splurge?
Save save save. Everyone needs that perfect LBD, but you don't have to look far to find it! Sure, it needs to fit your body shape perfectly and be perfect for casual AND formal occasions, but the best thing to do is just research. Look through lots of different online stores, and alot of the time, you'll find cheap but gorgeous little black dresses. Spend no more than £30 on your little black dress, and if it doesn't fit right, or something isn't quite right, do a little DIY session, or just go to a trusty tailor! You can easily add some cute little details by yourself, like adding a thick black zipper on the back, attatching a leather trim on the colar (If it has one), use a string of sequins to sew around the neckline, whatever suits you. A good idea is if the bottom of your LBD is tight and plain, get some black lace trim and sew it to the inside of the very bottom of the dress, this way, you'll just be able to see a little bit of lace peeking out the bottom of the dress, which is flirty and feminine.
(The dress above is from

Satement heels- Save or splurge?
Splurge. Every girl should have at least one pair of super quirky statement heels to wear with boring outfits and to just add a bit of fierce style to your wardrobe. It's always nice to treat yourself to a nice pair of statement heels, but don't spend too much. For shoes, I'd say the very very maximum should be £200, UNLESS you're saving up for some gorgeous Loubies, in that case, knock yourself out and buy the cutest Loubitons in the market.The highest I'd go personally would be £150, because I'm not a big spender. I tend to look for deals, but sometimes, I'm a sucker for some gorgeous YSL's. Don't just look as far as your eyeline and splurge on a pair of heels that you aren't head over heels for. Only spend the money if you can't get the darn shoes out your mind and your pretty much in love with the shoes. Wasting money on a splurge is the biggest mistake a girl can make, so go research until you fall in love, but don't break the bank!
(The shoes above are by Chinese Laundry)

Tell me what you thought of the Save or splurge's! Do you want me to do them frequently for different things? What kind of things do you need advice on? Handbags? Watches? Tank tops? Whatever you want, just leave me a comment or send me an email!
Remember, never splurge on an unsplurgy (Not me just being strange, trying to play on words with unworthy) items. Never waste your money, because you might find an empty bank when you want your next essential!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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