Sunday, 29 January 2012

Quick Tip: Staying warm and looking cool

 I know some of my readers love the quick tips, so I decided to give you a couple quick tips on keeping warm! (Sorry about the cheesy title guys haha)

 Cosy tosies:
You know when you really want to keep your feet warm, and normal socks just aren't enough? Here's a simple and easy tip: Just wear slipper socks under your boots when you leave the house! Your toes will be nice and warm all day!
The socks shown above are £6 from

Handmade and handy (Literally):
Here's an easy and cheap (Or even free!) way of making yourself a pair of arm warmers. Arm warmers are really cute, but sometimes, they can cost more than they're worth! To make your own, just take an old pair of socks.  Reverse the sock so that it's inside out, and then put in on your hand. Take a pen or pencil, and draw 2 lines. One right above your knuckles of your 4 fingers, and then the other right above the knuckle of your thumb. Now take the glove off your hand, and cut across the lines. Repeat with the other sock. Now you'll notice that the armwarmer fits on your hand perfectly, but there's still a lump for the ankle, so just cut across right above the ankle part. And there you have your very own arm warmer (Which is more like just a hand warmer but oh well, it's free this way haha.) If you've used a plain sock in any colour, you can use anything to decorate the back of it, whether you sew on studs, gems, lace, beads, or you could just use fabric pens to draw on them!
Pictured above are black palm warmers by Alice Hannah.

Haute Hot Chocolate:
It's always nice to be carring around a nice hot drink on a cold morning, but instead of having to go to a cafe, just make one yourself and put it in an adorable thermal mug!  You could also get a plain thermal mug, but then make yourself a little mug sock to go over the bottom, just so that your mug has a little decoration customised by you!
To make yourself a thermal mug sock, first, measure around your mug using a clothing tape measure and note down the perimeter. Then, take some fabric from any old tshirts that you down want anymore or tops, or whatever fabric you don't need. Next, draw the shape for the mug sock. You want it to be as long as the perimeter and as wide so that it reaches up to the handle on your mug but doesn't get in the way. Now, you can sew in beads, studs, ribbon, lace, whatever you want (You could even make it to match your arm warmers!) Now sew the ends together, slip it on your thermal mug, and enjoy a nice warm drink on the walk to work!
I found the thermal mug above on

Thanks for reading! ☺

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