Monday, 16 January 2012

What to wear for... A first date

It's something every girl gets worked up over because you feel like what you wear is the impression you give to the guy you're sharing that date with. The key is to look classy without looking overdressed.You don't want to be showing too much skin, but you don't want to be hiding the gorgeous assets of your body. Obviously everybody has a different style, but I'm going to give you 5 different styles, and you'll most likely fall in love with at least one of these looks!

For the stylish girl-
 This dress is perfect for a girl who wants to look gorgeous and feminine yet stylish and chic. This dress is £40 from
Pair this dress with a thick black waist belt and some statement black heels with some gorgeous earrings and your hair in a sleek high ponytail and you've got the perfect first date look. It'll deffinately make an impression!

For the confident girl-
This top is so hot and just screams confident, without looking skimpy. It makes you look mature, and yet playful, and as if you don't care what people think.This is £35 from
Wear this with a pencil skirt that reaches your knees, the slight skin at the top is all you want to show with this. Pair this outfit with some platform court shoes, a delicate and small necklace, and a pretty ring or bracelet.

For the romantic girl-
This dress is perfect for someone who likes to look pretty and feminine, but also likes to look gorgeous and stylish. The dress is £20 from
Pair this dress with some black shoe boots or some black court shoes. Add a cute black clutch with some feminine jewelery and you're good to go.

For the girly girl-
This dress is perfect for the sweet girls who like to look young and pretty, without looking childish. It's such an adorable dress. This dress is £40 from
Pair this dress with some platform mary janes or some stylish black shoes, and add one piece of statement jewelery, to make the outfit age appropriate. Tie your hair up in a braided bun and add a stylish hair piece.

For the rocker girl-
This sequin top is so versatile and only £15 from
To wear this top, pair it with a pair of bright coloured skinny jeans and gorgeous black court shoes. Next, add some dressy jewelery to make the outfit more date appropriate. To give the outfit that final date night flair, french braid a chunk of hair on the side of your head and add a matching clutch.

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