Thursday, 19 January 2012

The colours that suit you most:

Today I'm talking about different colours that suit you most depending on your skin tone and hair colour. Tell me whether this was helpful!

Skin tones:

Pale skin-
Wear light colours with pale skin, because light colours make you look darker!
Look for: Pale pinks, ice blues, yellows, light greens

Tan skin-
You can get away with wearing any colours. I really like corals, turquoises and other summery colours on girls with tanned skin.

Dark skin-
There are some colours that really complement your skin tone perfectly. Colours like cream and red really light up your skin. Also, indigo's look beautiful on you!

Hair colours:

Light blues and coral pinks are beautiful on you. Blonde is a beautiful summer colour, so embrace it by wearing summery colours!

Light brunettes and red heads-
Pale pinks, forest greens, and indigos look absalutely stunning on you. They complement your skin and make you have a gorgeous glow.

Dark brunettes and blacks-
I love light greens and bright blues on you. Also, I recommend wearing bright colours to make you always look cheerful and happy against your dark hair.

I know this was just little, but I didn't have much time tonight but I didn't want to skip a day of talking to my choicers!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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