Saturday, 21 January 2012

What to do on a boring Saturday: Fashion edition

I know sometimes I have those days where nobody is free and you just have nothing to do, but I'm going to give you ideas of things you can do to entertain yourself, except using activities related to fashion. Tell me if you want more posts like this.

  • Make a collage of clothes that you've been wanting for the season (So I'd suggest doing Spring, since it's coming up soon.) Cut out picture from magazines or find pictures online and print them out, and then cut out words from magazines saying things like "Spring" and "Style." Stick all of the pictures in a creative way on some card, and then use this as a front cover for a fashion folder, where you can put things like outfit ideas, a fashion wishlist etc. You can use a clear plastic folder to store all the papers in, but make sure your collage is at the front!

  • Make a look book! Get a ring binder and lots of wallets, then print out a front cover saying 'Look Book' with some cute pictures. Then, everytime you wear an outfit you like, take a picture of your full outfit, put it on a word document with a list of which clothes you've used and where they're from, and then print it out. Put it in a plastic wallet and put it in your ringbinder behind the front cover, and you have a look book for when you need outfit inspiration!

  • Design some clothes! Sketch some ideas and then develop them with colours and accessaries to go with them! You could then come up with a designer label name and a collection for fun.

  •  Look on the internet at lots of different clothes and put together outfits for something like prom night, wedding day, or a first date.

  • Put together a fashion blog with all your favourite tips and ideas! Thats how I came up with Style Choice!

    Thanks for reading! ☺

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