Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ways to wear: Bright coloured bags (And a welcome back!)

Hi guys, I took a little break for the holidays, only posting a couple posts per day, but starting today, I'm back on track doing my usual 2+ blog posts every week.
Today, I wanted to be daring in the thing that I chose to focus on, because it's easy to find out how to wear the big styles, such as skinny jeans and blazers, but it's harder to find tips on how to wear things that are around, but not considered a 'trend.'
Today, I am going to be talking about bright coloured bags. Any kind will work, whether it's a clutch, a cross body bag, suede, leather, cheap, expensive, orange, electric blue. Any will do, as long as it's a bag, and it's in a quirky colour. I'm going to use electric blue as an example, because personally, that is my favourite colour for adding accent to a dull outfit.

First, start off with the bag you've chosen. I found a gorgeous electric blue Fiorelli satchel for £49/$75 from which sounds like a lot of money, but it's a good investment. You'll use a bag like this more than you'd think.
Next, you want to build a basic outfit using neutral colours that complement the colour of the bag.
E.g. if you had a bright pink bag, you'd use tans and creams, and if you had a bright purple bag, you could use greys and near blacks. Since the bag I'm using is electric blue though, I'm using the most basic colour. Black. Black and blue always look beautiful together (Unless you're dealing with navy.)
I also want to make sure the clothes I use aren't very daring in their shape, fabric, and detailing, but at the same time, I don't want to end up just looking dull. I also don't want to have the same colour on the top and the bottom unless I'm dealing with a dress. This all sounds so complicated, but it really isn't. We're just going to add a top in the same colour as the bag, but toned down, so I'm using a pretty pale blue and turquiose colourblock cami from forever 21. This is only £12/$18 so that the outfit doesn't have such a dramatic total because of the expensive bag.
Now, we're going to add in the black bottoms. This can be anything that suits your personal preferance, as long as it's very simple. If you have a longer top, you could just wear a pair of leggings, or if you're wearing a tight top, I suggest wearing a flowy skirt or loose bottoms, but since I'm using a loose top which isn't long enough to pair with leggings, I'm going to pair it with some simple black skinny jeans. Skinny jeans pull in any figure, so I suggest having a good supply of them. The ones I'm using are £22.75/$35 from Forever 21.
Now for the shoes, you want to go for a simple shoe shape in a matching colour to the bag, or a daring shoe shape in a matching colour to the bottoms. I'm going to go for a daring black shoe, because I feel like a fierce shoe will match the style of the bag, and make the flowy and girly top seem more ruthless than sinless. Now here, I'm using another slightly bank-breaking piece, because a nice black daring shoe is almost essential to a girls wardrobe. Now I know not everyone is made of money (Including me!) so you can always research and find some other cheaper shoes that match the style. Research is crucial when making desicions about what you should buy. I've picked some Miss KG snake print court shoes, £80/$123 from
That completes my segment on bright coloured bags. Obviously, there's room for a change. Every girl has a slightly different style and if you feel you need to, you can change any bit you want.Your outfit, your look. You should only ever achieve the look in your head, never completely shape your wardrobe to look like someone else! You are you, not me or any celebrities or bloggers or whoever, so don't be afraid to show it!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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