Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Non-fashion related - A message every girl should know

Hi girls, today I'm talking about some different things that I think all girls should know. I'm sorry if you prefer my fashion posts but I promise I'll have another one up tomorrow.

You know what I really don't understand? Beauty. Some girls spend their whole life trying to reach the perfect look. They just want to be beautiful, even though they were beautiful long before the layers and layers of makeup, the surgery, whatever they do. It just doesn't make sense to me, because the only person thinking you aren't beautiful is you. It's normal to look in the mirror some days and think: Wow, I do not look attractive. But it's unhealthy to just tell yourself you're ugly every single day. I'll give you a challenge. Every day you wake up for the next week, look in the mirror and point out every beautiful thing on your face. Don't lie to yourself, of course there is at least one beautiful feature on your face. Whether it's your eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes, complexion, cheekbones, eyebrows, forehead, chin, I don't know, just anything you can spot which makes you look beautiful, tell yourself that as soon as you wake up. It'll put you in a good mindset for the whole day. If you asked someone you love if you are pretty, they'll probably say yes. Do you want to be just like the models? Just the same, boring, pretty, but commercial and normal? Or do you want to be the beautiful quirky girl with the amazing eyes or knife sharp cheek bones, who looks unusual compared to the average pretty, and yet enchanting? I think I want to be the second option. Different is beautiful.

I hope I helped you feel beautiful, and just tell me if you want more messages of advice for girls

Thanks for reading ☺

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