Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ways to wear: Spring trends and stay warm!

The spring trends this year are absalutely gorgeous! From chiffon, lace, bright colours and (as always) floral print, you're bound to love your wardrobe for the spring-time! I know sometimes you buy a little spring dress or an adorable playsuit, or even some adorable ballet flats for the spring, but you feel like it's hard to wear these spring trends because it's still bitter cold outside! Living in England, I know I have issues with this! I'm going to give you tips on how you can wear these spring trends, and still stay warm!

Asymmetric skirts-
These are absalutely gorgeous! They're really in style at the moment, and I assure you, every single girl looks beautiful in one of these! The tricky thing is, they can be pretty hard to style, because you don't want to pair your skirt with statement tights (Takes away the emphasis from the asymmetric back) and you can't really pair your skirt with a big padded jacket, but there are ways!

First, add some simple skin coloured tights. These are so useful! You can look like you have bare legs without the cold air on your legs!
Next, add a tank top in a colour that complements the colour of your skirt. Say if your skirt is nude pink, you could wear a black or brown tank top. If your skirt is black, you can wear a tank top in any colour you like.
Then, add a jacket. Not a big fat one, just a leather jacket, a cropped blazer, anything like that to cover your arms from the cold.
Now, add the shoes. They can be ballet flats, shoe boots, heels, whatever you like, but not any knee high boots!
Lastly, add your favourite accesaries, and you're done!

Trench coats-
Yes, it's a coat, but most of the time, they're pretty thin, and don't keep you too warm, but they look great. They're really good for giving your body the right proportions. There are some ways to wear it and look nice and spring appropriate, without freezing your butt off!

First, put on a thermal. There are some really warm thermals from forever 21. If you can't find any that suit your taste, you can just wear a long sleeved t-shirt.
Next, add your favourite pair of skinny jeans. You want them to be nice and cosy, but still look spring appropriate, so I suggest going for some light wash jeans.
Then, add some ballet flats. They can be fun and floral, or a bright colour, but make sure they brighten up your outfit! If you're afraid of your feet getting cold, cut the feet off some skin coloured tights and wear them!
Now, add a gorgeous little necklace. It can either be a choker, or a necklace with a shorter chain. I suggest going with a spring-inspired necklace, like one with a flower pendant or in bright fun colours.
Now, add your trench coat. There you have a nice cosy but very spring inspired outfit!

Lace dresses-
I love lace dresses, they're so pretty and feminine! These can be pretty hard to apply to winter time though.

First, add some of your trusty skin coloured tights underneath your dress. This will keep your legs warm.
Next, add some cowgirl boots. They're fun and suitable for spring, but they still keep you warm! What a bonus!
Next, add a cute cardigan if you want to look girly. Hollister has some gorgeous ones! If you want to make the look tougher, add a leather jacket. They look amazing when paired with girly pieces!
Lastly, pair your outfit with some cute jewellery to match!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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