Friday, 13 January 2012

Inspired by... Art

I'm starting a new series called Inspired By, where I basically talk about fashion inspirations that I got from whatever, and write about them here, so that you can all be inspired. For this post, I'm going to talk about my painting that I did a few days ago. I painted it for my friends birthday present, but I've been really inspired by the whole idea of the painting.

Above is the painting I've done of a daisy, which is the inspiration of the look I'm making. I'm sorry to any proffesional artists if this doesn't look like a great painting to you, I don't study art and this is the first watercolour painting I've done for 3 years.
This inspired me to make an outfit that is bright and spring appropriate, but also wearable in the winter.

We're going to start off with a dress, because I feel like a dress really expresses the effortless beauty that comes with the spring time. I've picked a chiffon midi dress from which really expresses the nature of the look we're aiming for.
Since we want our outfit to be simple, but also show all the colours represented in a daisy, we're going to add white accesaries for the petals. Even though the dress has waist detailing to pull it in, it's still appropriate to add accent on the waist, so we're going to add a white waist belt. I've cheated a little though, because I found it hard to find an efficiently priced pure white belt, so I settled for a taupe coloured ruffled elastic belt from Forever 21.
Now, to add more white (Well once again, I've used an off-white colour which matches the belt so that we're not clashing colours) we're adding some lace tights. Lace tights make the whole outfit winter appropriate without taking away the spring effortless of the outfit. I'm using some floral lace tights in the shade 'Oatmeal' from Forever 21.
Next, we're going to add in some yellow for the middle of the flower. It's hard to do this without looking like a traffic warden in neon yellow shoes, so we're going to go for a mustard colour. We're using flats, because it makes the outfit more casual and everyday-friendly, because with a dress, it's always trickier to make an outfit casual. The shoes I'm using are hard to pull off, but so perfect for this kind of outfit. I found some mustard yellow leather loafer shoes from and obviously if you feel like these shoes are too tricky for you to pull off, or you simply don't like them, just research and try to find some matching shoes in any style that works for you.
Lastly, I'm going to add another subtle addition of mustard yellow. I'm going to add a yellow bracelet. To add more edge to the outfit, I've picked a bracelet which includes gold studs. I'm using the studded wraparound bracelet from Forever 21's dreamcatcher line.

This outfit is very different from other outfits I've done on Style Choice. It's very innocent and perfect for a first date or dinner with family. Fashion can be inspired by everything, from people you see on the street, to a picture you see on a photography website. Whatever inspires you, make an outfit from it! There are clothes to potray everything if you look around. Everyone is individual, so if you make some sort of variation of this outfit, take a picture and show me in the comments or send me an email!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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