Thursday, 22 March 2012

There's nothing wrong with second-hand clothes!

Hey style choicers! I'm a sister and a daughter to two people the same size as me, which can be helpful. My mom certainly doesn't look her age and it always wearing adorable and subtly trendy clothes. My sister has a completely different fashion sense to me, but is often handing down basic things that she doesn't wear that often, so I've always loved days when I get a pile of clothes to sort through. If you have someone in your family or a friend who's your size, ask if you could look through her old clothes, and maybe do a couple swaps! What's useless to them might be amazing to you, you never know! Sometimes, people will throw things out because it doesn't suit their figure or the colour doesn't suit them, and it might well look amazing on you! Today, I sorted through my mom's clothes and found some gorgeous summer clothes, some amazingly flattering tank tops (They make you look like you have the tiniest waist!), some adorable flowy tops and some more stuff that if I went into a shop, I'd have to spend up to £30 buying, and yet I got it free! So although so many people think having second-hand clothes is a little bit strange, as long as you get them from a good source, it's like going shopping and finding out everything is free!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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