Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hey style choicers! Today, I had a talk about self-esteem. One of my biggest goals in life is to help people to feel comfortable in their own skin. We've heard it all before, all that stuff that beauty in magazines is fake and all that, we all understand that now, and that's mostly what the talk was about, how celebrities don't look like that in person and all that jazz. This got me thinking. Alot of times though, us girls will look at people we DO know in person. The school 'populars', your friends, or maybe even a family member, and yet we still feel insecure, knowing that they haven't been airbrushed. This is a bigger issue to me, because when we compare ourselves to people who we think are completely natural and yet still totally beautiful, I'm not afraid to admit that in that situation, I feel pretty darn rubbish, but honestly? They probably compare themselves to you! We always look at ourselves more harshly than others, and that is just because we see ourselves so often, that our brains automatically pick on every tiny fault. Just because to you, you don't have a perfect face or perfect figure or perfect skin, doesn't mean you need to go to the extent to change that, because there are people who think you ARE perfect looking, and they're wishing they looked more like you, so why don't you just save yourself the effort of wasting time staring at your reflection picking out every fault, and spend more time going by day today, and each day, looking in the mirror and without looking too much into it, just pick out one good thing about yourself that day. Don't lie to yourself and say 'nothing' though, because that's a lie. It could be anything from your hair colour, to your cheek bones, to your weight, to your eyes, or your figure. It could even be the fact that the spots you had on your chin are healing up or something. Whatever it is, this'll help you be happy with yourself each day!

I hope this helped, please leave me a comment if it did! And by the way guys, I put a new poll up! I'm thinking of starting a second blog or something! Let me know, every vote counts!

Thanks for reading! ☺

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