Sunday, 18 March 2012


Sometimes in life, we dream about the biggest aims we have. We look at certain people and wonder if that'll ever be us, but then we convince ourselves that it won't, and we go back to our everyday lives. Why do we do this? We never try to reach our lifes ambitions, we just sit there wishing it would happen but not doing anything to MAKE it happen. We sit there on our butts thinking: "Only lucky people get to achieve their dreams." That's not true. Anybody can if you work hard and put your all into starting your dream. How do you think they got there? They just woke up one morning and realised they had achieved everything they wanted in life? No, they worked. Then you get those people who do little things each day to get to their dream, but they have this back-up plan that isn't really a back-up plan anymore. Maybe they started off working half time at a store, and then took on full time when we gave up trying to achieve their dream. People like that have made their plan B their plan A. Is that you? Yeah, you need a plan B, but thats incase plan A falls through, not incase you get fed up of trying. Basically, I think that we should try and achieve everything we're capable of. Money is not happiness, neither is a good career, but loving how you spend your life, will deffinately make you happy.
 Don't you just love my picture to show ambition? Haha

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