Monday, 5 March 2012

Outfit Week: Monday

Hey style choicers! This week, I've decided to make an outfit for every day that you can remake according to what day it is e.g. Friday = Parties.
I associate Monday to lazyness. People don't tend to work hard on Monday's and they tend to not be very hyper-active, because they're sad that the weekend is over, so I've done Monday as a comfortable outfit, that also will make you happy wearing it, because I'm using bright colours.

£14 from Hollister

£30 from

On sale for £55 from by Bronx

£28 from by Vero Moda

I chose this outfit because it's work appropriate, but also cute, colourful, fun and comfortable. The shoes are only 3 inches and wedges, the tank top and skirt are beautiful spring colours, and the blazer helps your feel less self-concious if you don't like showing too much skin. This can also be worn with leggings if that helps you stay warmer and feel more comfortable.

Thanks for reading! ☺

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