Monday, 12 March 2012

DIY: Graffiti t-shirt

Hey style choicers! I've got a fun DIY for you today! All you need is a plain t-shirt in any light colour and some spray paint suitable for fabric. The end product should be this style:
(This is £18 from

What you need:
A light coloured t-shirt or tank top:
£3.75 from Forever 21

Spray paint suitable for fabric in any colour you like (I quite like the metallics):
On sale for £8.80 from by Tulip

A stencil for the word/words or image you'd like to put on your tshirt:
£6 from by The Stencil Studio

  • Lay the t-shirt flat on a work surface that you don't mind getting covered in paint.
  • Use the colour you want to fill in the stencil, trying not to get paint beyond the stencil. It doesn't have to look neat.
  • Takes the stencil off and leave paint to dry to amount of time that it says on bottle.
  • Thats all you need to do! This should be washer safe and stylish aswell! Perfect!
Thanks for reading! ☺

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