Sunday, 11 March 2012

Outfit Week: Sunday

Hiya style choicers! How is everyone this Sunday? Did everyone have a nice Saturday! And just a tip, instead of thinking that tomorrow is back to school/work, think that we're still only halfway through the weekend! For me, Sunday is church day, and even though I don't tend to wear fancy dresses and hats etc, I still like to look nice. Sundays are about getting the balance right between boring and crazy colours, between fancy and casual, between looking trendy and looking modest, so I've picked an outfit that fits all of the following  criteria's.

On sale for £38 from (By Prophecy)

On sale for £22 from (By Vero Moda)
(Tuck the yellow top into the skirt)

On sale for £35 from (By Vero Moda)

On sale for £25 from (By Pascale Monvoisin)
Only on sale for today so make sure you buy one quick!

£48 from Topshop

I am in love with this outfit! Just a few bright colours makes it seem lively and awake, but since you aren't going crazy with the colour, it still looks totally church suitable! This may well be my favourite outfit of the week. Tell me in the comments which of the 6 (if you look back to Wednesday, you'd know there was more important stuff to post about) outfits was your favourite!

Thanks for reading! ☺


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    1. Wow, well done for the amount of followers you have! It's tough to get so many people who like your blog!
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  2. OMG!
    I want those shoes!
    Perfect for Spring.

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    1. Beautiful colour isn't it! I agree with you ☺

      I followed your blog, it's an adorable concept and a fun thing to share with your son!

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  4. yep,sometimes on saturday or on sunday we need just to relax ourselves and to get some harmonic mood that'll help us to stay in a balance durin' the whole workin' week! These ourfits seem to be very cozy;)